Had a dream last night in which I bought a coffee, but as well as sugar lumps to put in it, there were chunks of dark chocolate, and now I'm awake I'm really disappointed that wasn't real.

@Floppy My goodness, your subconscious is such a hedonist!

@ej it's having a better time than me, I tell you.

Grow chocolate mint... thank us later. :)

Hi we're new to this instance and the Fediverse. We just replied to this message introducing ourselves and an error message popped up briefly about a character-limit. The reply seems to have burnt up in the ether which is a shame.

We very much dislike the idea of a character limit. *Rethinking migration*.

@dsfgs hah, I'll have a go! Normal mint is already taking over my garden, maybe the chocolate version will fight it back :)

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