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A healthy balance: Been having a conversation (in this here pub, to which I have come for internet and everybody else has come for beer..) with a marine sytems engineer: apparently our older ships used hydraulic or mechanical logic for control systems, and they were *awful*. Newer ships obvs. use logic gate (..er..) logic - but there was, it would appear, a brief, glorious sweet-spot in which some ships used reliable-yet-fixable relay logic. This dude pines for these days..

This week I met a young officer who's task was to literally reposition a polar-orbiting satellite so that it could take photographs specifically of our ship. Astoundingly, this task left them entirely unmoved. (*Obviously*, despite being essentially just a passer-by, I got so excited on their behalf that I nearly fainted..)

Currently living and working on the newest ship I've ever navigated, by approx. forty years. Either cabin technology has have improved a fair old bit since the seventies, or else they've accidentally assigned me to a cabin that's normally reserved for like a commodore or something..

Not quite an ..

[Repost from last night]

I'm now at sea, with limited internet access, and hence won't be tooting much for a few months. Updated my bio to reflect this, and so had to take a bunch of stuff out to make room. Figured the best place to put that stuff would be in an introductory sorta toot, so here we are!

I am (amongst other things!) into:

Not quite an ..

I'm now at sea, with limited internet access, and hence shan't be tooting much for a few months. Updated my bio to reflect this; had to take a bunch of stuff out to make room. Figured the best place to put that stuff would be in an introductory sorta toot, so here we are!

[Shall probs. repost tomorrow..]

I am (amongst other things!) into:

I gaze into /dev/null.
/dev/null gazes right back.

Helped my cousin repair his motorcycle. It wasn't getting spark; we "fixed" it using a jumper wire to just bypass the nearside switchgear's ignition cutoff.

It felt genuinely lovely to be able to make such simple, positive contribution, to aid a fellow motorcyclist.

But.. like.. I know this is a little silly, and it's just for like a week until we've a new switchgear unit, but I can't help feeling kinda anxious about his not having ignition cutoff now when starting in gear, etc.

"She could have her pick of the boys, if only she would learn to giggle.. and not say things that panic them.."
-- female lead character's mother, John Wyndham's "The Trouble with Lichen", 1960.

Ahh, John Wyndham! I come for your otherworldliness, dystopia, and apocalypse; but I most certainly stay for your satire..

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The unix command I feel most sorry for is dd(1)

It did exactly what you asked it to do, it tried to make you happy, why are you yelling at it ☹️

[not-entirely-serious] war mention Show more

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okay somewhat niche question:

My f-i-l (75ish?) is really struggling with ptsd and depression and he's doing all the right stuff finally and has particularly found mindfulness to help.

He did a bit of motor racing in the 70s and 80s and has started playing video games (just a basic laptop) and feels that's helping too

Any recommendations for easyish, simple controls, low system requirements driving sims I could try him on?

Ordered a bunch of records from Discogs; mostly stuff that I'm not, in fact, actually into. Classical; motown; big band; sixties rock'n'roll; eighties synth-pop.

Y'see, when I'm at sea I leave my record player with my family. Feels like a waste for it to just sit there unused, and the folks are literally never going to play records from my "that's not music it's just noise" crate, so I figure some music by like dead people and pensioners and stuff could maybe give the thing some utility..

[Disclaimer: In Unicode Technical Standard #51, section 1.4.2, they don't actually use the term "abominations". I'm sorta reading between the lines, here..]

The particular arbitrary hill I appear to have chosen to die on is the substitution, at all costs, of text-presentation characters for emoji-presentation a̶b̶o̶m̶i̶n̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ characters, as defined in Unicode Technical Standard #51, section 1.4.2.

☏ ☻ ☮ ♲ ⛇

My dad came into the house with a basketful of Easter eggs, for the approx. 50,000 young children in my extended family.

Wordlessly, I met him at the door and took about half of his Easter eggs, carried them aloft through the hallway and solemnly deposited them in the laundry basket.

He stood and thought for half a minute, in an attitude of consternation, and then asked earnestly, "What did you do that for?"

I do not know how to explain in such a way as to not make me sound like an idiot.

@52hzbreak Hey! Hope you don't mind my asking: why "and the sea"?

Is there like a specific sea upon whose behalf you toot? Or just, sort of, all of them?

Erm, yeah, I just told a bot about Durin's Day. I believe I would feel awfully silly had I done so anywhere other than on Masto.

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Excuse the static, I'm going through an SSH tunnel

Fascinating article on The Register about how Open Xchange et. al. are trying to develop/extend open protocols to provide functionality that we currently mostly depend upon closed systems for.


Even the comments are perceptive and thoughtful. (And rather less shouty than The Register sometimes gets!)

'sides, a chap that describes Slack, in a public press interview, as "another bloody silo that nobody needs" has to be worth listening to, right?

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No network!
But music is cached and still playing.
Cannot load any page.
Closing your eyes.
Afraid to make music louder because it seems like you would run out of it sooner.