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here is an actual mix*tape* from some Dutch DJ's and former radio pirates (who even managed to hijack a cable radio network) made in *1988*, using vinyl record decks and also reel to reel tape (literally having to physically cut the tape and stick together bits that must be correct to the very last mm to remain in sync).

(DAW's weren't a thing then, and samplers that could hold just a few seconds cost as much as a car..)


So like, a couple of days ago I ate an apple on the bridge when nobody was expecting me to. It was pretty cool. It made me feel a little bit like [J. J Abrams'] Captain Kirk.

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@elomatreb indeed I found my *own* zine I made for a ravers activist group in 1994 (using original IBM PC, dotmatrix printer and stealth use of photocopier at my then employer) via some random blog.

(the original disks (mix of 3,5" and 5,25") and paper proofs were stored in my garage but got gnawed up by yellow necked mice for nest material (as my cat didn't catch them but instead expected me to (he did signal to me where they were)
😸 🐭,

I'm grateful to whoever saved and scanned this 😎

Having to do a messy job today (re-chlorinating the fresh-water supply of a lifeboat), I donned a set of overalls. The officer I was working for told me I looked somehow ..off.. in them, in a way he couldn't quite put his finger on. As though I'd locked the actual owner of the overalls in a cupboard or something and dressed-up in their clothes as part of some kind of covert operation.

Today I found out about - and agreed to visit next time we're in port - the Qal'at al-Bahrain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was, or so I understand it, once the site of a city so old that it was referred to as ancient in the /Epic of Gilgamesh/.

In a US Naval Base. There is an American supermarket here, selling the most bewildering, polychromatic, kaleidoscopic, acid-trip array of bizarre confectionery I have ever seen. (Of course, because *everything* is so brightly-coloured, nothing particularly stands-out..) There is also an American bar here, full of cheerful, gregarious, friendly types. The bar serves exactly one type of beer. These folks are most inscrutable indeed.

Off to join a ship in the Persian Gulf, where it would presently be 45°C in the shade if there were any shade for it to be it in. It's kinda awful to be in an airport to go to work, when everybody else is so very visibly, effervescently here to go on holiday..

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it’s really great how cycle lanes work for everybody: extra-wide pavement for pedestrians to walk in AND parking space for delivery vehicles 💯

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Noticed that I often find it much easier to express myself when using words-in-kebab-case to build ideas. I think I also do this verbally, by grossly overusing air-quotes. Maybe I ought to be a German speaker, or a speaker of some other language that's friendlier to my ad-hoc linguistic kebab skewers?

Whilst riding past the RADA building in Bloomsbury, I had this really thorough, comprehensive daydream about an imaginary institution called the Royal Academy of Overly Dramatic Arts; a place where one may study to become a world-renowned performer of, say, Warholian Reality TV Exhibitionism, or Unnecessarily Contrarian Tweeting, or Unsolicited Public Nude Political Breakdance Performances.

A sailor from the Bronx just asked me what I was doing. I told him I was installing a distribution ( dontcha know); he exclaimed said "Oh, Jesus" and literally crossed himself.

@mallaidh Aw, crumbs, you keep mentioning ex-Formula-One people! Takuma Sato, Danica Patrick! [I'm absolutely sure it isn't, but..] you kinda make Indy Car sound like some sort of retirement programme for gone-to-seed racing drivers..

Lots of NATO cross-pollination going on in this naval base. American submariners; British deckies; repartee and beer flowing in equal measure.

(I'm in the corner, natch., by myself, next to a plug socket, quietly installing ..)

Yesterday I hung out with a trans seafarer, who showed me some of their art. They started making art predominantly as an emotional outlet, after having been told, most unkindly indeed, that the body shape they wanted was an "impossible shape".

My favourite piece of art they'd painted was, by far, a huge, multicoloured Penrose triangle..

A healthy balance: Been having a conversation (in this here pub, to which I have come for internet and everybody else has come for beer..) with a marine sytems engineer: apparently our older ships used hydraulic or mechanical logic for control systems, and they were *awful*. Newer ships obvs. use logic gate (..er..) logic - but there was, it would appear, a brief, glorious sweet-spot in which some ships used reliable-yet-fixable relay logic. This dude pines for these days..

This week I met a young officer who's task was to literally reposition a polar-orbiting satellite so that it could take photographs specifically of our ship. Astoundingly, this task left them entirely unmoved. (*Obviously*, despite being essentially just a passer-by, I got so excited on their behalf that I nearly fainted..)

Currently living and working on the newest ship I've ever navigated, by approx. forty years. Either cabin technology has have improved a fair old bit since the seventies, or else they've accidentally assigned me to a cabin that's normally reserved for like a commodore or something..

Not quite an ..

[Repost from last night]

I'm now at sea, with limited internet access, and hence won't be tooting much for a few months. Updated my bio to reflect this, and so had to take a bunch of stuff out to make room. Figured the best place to put that stuff would be in an introductory sorta toot, so here we are!

I am (amongst other things!) into:

Not quite an ..

I'm now at sea, with limited internet access, and hence shan't be tooting much for a few months. Updated my bio to reflect this; had to take a bunch of stuff out to make room. Figured the best place to put that stuff would be in an introductory sorta toot, so here we are!

[Shall probs. repost tomorrow..]

I am (amongst other things!) into: