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The first VM is up! Named it "R'lyeh"; this mythical settlement narrowly winning out over my second and third choices, "PalletTown" and "Sodom", respectively.

[Well, yeah, owing to hostname character limitations it's actually "R-lyeh". Yes, this bugs me too.]

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I wrote a small program
that randomly
replaces a space
with a line break.

This does not make
my text poetry,
but maybe
the program
is art?
#WorldPoetryDay #smallpoems

Okay, so. Re. server naming conventions. After like two hours of basically this: m.xkcd.com/910

I think I have a scheme. Physical boxes are going to be named after Lost Cities (Xanadu, Babylon, Angkor..) and VMs after mystical ones (Camelot, El Dorado, Kingston upon Thames..)

I need a server naming convention!

[Well, er, actually, I just need to reinstall OSes on like a dozen boxes and VMs, and an old-school, pre-AWS, server-esque naming convention seems like the way to go..]

Bit dubious about "Periodic Table Elements", "The Classical Greek Pantheon", etc.

Currently tempted a little by "Malevolent Fictional AIs", and a little by "People from UNIX history" but even that stuff is (to put it mildly) pretty dashed unimaginative.

Any ideas?

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Kinda hilarious to read the keylogger file of someone’s keystrokes and realize how bad their spelling was, pre-autocorrect.

Bad opsec tip: lean on autocorrect so hard that you misspell everything so the keylog is unsearchable.

Extending the principle by which one oughtn't go to the supermarket when hungry, one also ought [it would appear..] not buy skiing gear* when one is /freezing flipping cold/..

(*For cycling purposes. I'm not in danger of going skiing any time soon. More's the pity.)

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"I have been asked — 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?'
I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question."
--Charles Babbage, 1864

"Linux is rubbish because if I spelled stuff wrong in the terminal, or left bits out, it doesn't do what I want and just gives me some message about how it doesn't understand."
--My sister, today

Spent most of today using a smartphone, for the first time in about two years (t'werent mine; borrowed it..)

I really don't think of myself as particularly hidebound or technophobic or owt, but.. they're kinda just.. well, ghastly, aren't they?

In other news, I had an operation today and won't be able to rock-climb, ride a motorcycle, or work on a ship for a fair old while.

I absolutely can still ride a unicycle though, so there's that..!


(Not a Numberwang..)

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Unicycled to the pub tonight. Even though I'm not very good, and haven't used a uni as an actual means of transport since I was like a teenager, I got lots of unsolicited* encouragement from passers-by.

Equally (albeit perhaps more raucously) so from the folks down the pub.

I don't think of myself as a show-off or owt, as a rule - but I have to admit, it does feel kinda nice!

(*Er, that is, insofar as 'unicycling past people in the street' isn't an obvious unspoken cry for encouragement..)

Things I had forgotten about cycling in the snow:
• The sheer, unbridled satisfaction of being able to apply enough torque to spin the rear wheel on acceleration.
• The iridescent mini-clouds generated by spokes slicing through upspray when you ride through small snowdrifts.
• The MS Windows 95 Starfield Screensaver Effect: Snowflakes zooming towards you, illuminated by your headlamp.

I mean, I'd still pick London on a scorching July morning, every time - but this stuff does have its moments!

Brewed hot cup of tea, donned latex gloves, replaced chain and sprocket on single-speed town bike. (Gained a tooth, sadly, 'cos I am Old and Slow now.) Whilst I had it up in the workstand, I decided to service the headset bearings, clean their races, and put a dab of anti-slip compound on the stem-steerer and stem-bar interfaces (getting a bit of hard-to-pin-down front-end creakage, y'see.)

I had forgotten how focusing and meditative bicycle maintenance can be..

Was watching the X-Files, but I became a little creeped-out and was worried I wouldn't sleep, so switched to Scooby Doo* for a couple of epispdes. Same paranormal-mystery-solving high, none of the paranoia comedown.

*The "What's New" series (obviously!) where Shaggy is a vegetarian and Simple Plan do the music..

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If you use Firefox, disable referer headers by going to your about:config, and set network.http.sendRefererHeader to 0.

Ohhh, dear. Apologies to anybody who has been following my discussions this evening! That.. wasn't pretty.

I'm a little tempted to record what was said in case it's used to attack me in future, but like, I kinda suspect that writing down awful stuff a complete stranger says about one may not be an entirely healthy thing to do.

I could do with some reassurance that Masto is indeed still full of lovely, kindly folk who, though they may not always see eye-to-eye, at least always mean well.

The AI opponents in Tony Hawks games. Are they finite skate machines?

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