TIL that there is a John Cage piece being performed in Germany that will last 639 years: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/As_Slo

Definitely adding that to my “obscure places to visit” list.


“The piece started with a 17-month rest on September 5, 2001, which would have been Cage's 89th birthday. The first sound appeared on February 5, 2003.”

I’m so glad things like this exist.

If there’s one thing that will save humanity and make it all worthwhile, it’s our capacity for whimsy.

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@Floppy Oooh! I remember reading about this when it started! (Back when I was, y'know, young and attractive and happy..) - isn't it sumfink to do with the Long Now foundation? Like, those folks who leftpad the year, as in "18th April 02019"?

@ej I don’t think it’s the same people, but the idea is of course very similar. Apparently you can go listen to Longplayer in London, I need to go do that sometime. I guess I’ve got a while though :)

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