If you're in the UK and use energy, please pledge to stop paying your energy bills in October with

Even if you can afford it, please pledge, for solidarity with those that will be driven into poverty by the government pushing the price rises onto us, and not onto the producers who are filing massive profits right now.

@Floppy ESPECIALLY if you can afford it, please pledge. those of us who can't need the buffer.

@floppy don't. this will backfire spectacularly and screw participants over in the new year. it will ruin people's credit and result in them being moved to prepaid meters at best.

its water you want to not pay, not electricity. water cant be cut off.

As I understand it, EDF have announced a 4% increase in France. In the UK the increase will be 80%, with further increases in April '23. I smell a rat.

@Floppy Spot-Market price pre-everything (i.e. what your distributor pays) was 1,18€ on the peak yesterday. Rose 40cents in 3 days 😅

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