What's the opposite of "smart" or "intelligent" in a technology system? "Dumb" gets used a lot but it's not a great word. Are there better alternatives?

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@axwax @RL_Dane @atyh @Zergling_man @benis thanks for all your thoughts, those words have really helped me rephrase and rethink the article I'm writing. I've ended up going with a combination of them in different places, there's not one word that work everywhere! :blob_thanks:

Solid-state? (New meaning, referring to a lack of any need for internet access)

@Floppy dependent (on human input), steady, finite-state
@Zergling_man @Floppy a car from the seventies is neither smart nor plain nor simple
@benis @Floppy Compared to paying a subscription for your seat warmer?
@Zergling_man @Floppy I'm just saying that I wouldn't exactly describe a Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer as plain or simple, and since it has no silicon inside it's definitely not smart
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