:awesome: I love that mastodon :mastodon: lets instances add their own custom emoji; like this one for the fediverse... :fediverse:

(if anyone here wants any added, just let me know!)

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...and thanks to @JMMaok, we now have a thank-you image here. :blob_thanks:

If you know of alternatives, or other emoji we should have, shout!

@Floppy I’m just a newbie here, but I find that a variety of “thanks” emoji, especially not just praying hands for thanks, improve almost any online venue.

@JMMaok that’s a really good call! Have you seen any good ones?

@Floppy Slack has a gratitude package I really like. It’s multilingual, including sign language.

@JMMaok that sounds good! Having trouble finding it though, do you know a link perchance?

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