Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait (for my prints to finish)

@amcewen more seriously, I've had the Ender for a while and it's great for all sorts of things around the house. The Mars is the new addition, which is mostly going to be for small fiddly parts for gaming. Definitely a luxury I don't need, but hey, it's a pandemic.

@Floppy hehe, yes, harder to get to your local makerspace at the moment ;-) I haven't done much resin printing yet, but we've got one of the Creality resin printers here. Do you print anything other than PLA on your Ender? I've struggled to get ours to do PETG (which is a shame, as we've got masses of it left over from visor production...)

@amcewen Just PLA really. I did some PETG back in lockdown 1.0 making PPE visors with a local group (until we got shut down in favour of Matt Hancock's pub mates) but it kept clogging my nozzle and I was never really happy with it.

@Floppy sounds like you got further than I did, around the same time :-) I'll have another go when the Ender3 is back up and running - it's missing its Pi running Octoprint right now. I'm running the Ultimakers instead, but they're 2.85mm and there's lots of 1.75mm PETG sat on the shelf...

@Floppy P.S. since our discussions about buttons I've discovered which looks like it might be a good option for the firmware. Haven't done much with it yet, but the hello world was pleasantly simple to get running. My main other discovery is that arcade buttons are lots deeper than I'd imagined :-D

@amcewen I've been exploring more of this stuff with homeassistant and Tasmota, too. I've set up ESPHome but don't have anything running it yet. But I figure it should be more power efficient than a default tasmota load.

@Floppy what's your setup? I've not paid much attention to all that till recently (we've got a bunch of Espurna Sonoff switches in DoES, but they just spit MQTT to NodeRED on a Pi). Is it that HA runs on a Pi somewhere to orchestrate things, and Tasmota or ESPHome runs on some ESP-based sensors/actuators?

@amcewen Yep, that. I've reflashed one of Andy Stanford-Clark's glow orbs with Tasmota and it works great - going to try ESPHome on there next to get it to run longer on battery. That's just one of my many long running parallel tinkering projects though :)

@Floppy I know the feeling. I keep stopping myself from tinkering with the button because I need to focus more on sales of the LED board first :-)

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