Hopefully enough people will dislike the WhatsApp data sharing changes enough that I can finally get them onto Signal. I certainly won’t be on there much longer. techradar.com/in/news/whatsapp


Though obviously I’d prefer a federated alternative, but I think for now Signal is probably as good as it gets.

@Floppy and you can bridge @matrix to Signal and other channels too. Come join us, I’m @dah:matrix.crq.ac

@duncanhart it’s the bridges I haven’t worked out. To bridge to signal, discord, etc, do I have run my own bridges and home server, or can I use ones that are already out there?

@Floppy you can run your own @matrix instance or join one that is open for public registration. @matrix is now the messaging and collaboration protocol of choice for the @bundeswehr and the French federal government.

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