This morning, Boris Johnson has switched off the UK’s representative democracy because he doesn’t like what it tells him. And he’s going to ignore the law over a no-deal Brexit. I thought Brexit had already destroyed our standing in the world; turns out we can go lower.

@Floppy What's actually happening in the UK? How does one simply turn off a representative democracy? Is he like a dictator now and how is any of that legally possible?

@trash it’s legal because in the UK, “asking the Queen to do it” basically trumps everything else. It’s ridiculous in this century.

@Floppy The queen legit "turned off" democracy? And let some guy become dictator?

@trash for the next 5 week, there is no democratic control over the UK government, because they’re playing the system. It’s close enough to dictatorship for me. We should do better.

@trash he’s misusing a convention normally used after elections to close this session of Parliament and start another, but with a HUGE gap, when normally it would be a few days at most. And he’s doing it at a critical time when we need Parliament working.

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