what the heck. how did i never know about this computer? MCM/70: portable and self-contained, made in toronto in 1974 :O

(Photo By Nash Gordon - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Dig Into Nearly 30 Years of Free Classic Science Fiction

If you’re a fan of classic science fiction from the likes of Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Robert A. Heinlein, you’re in luck. now has a massive collection of the magazine Galaxy Science Fiction for you to peruse for free.


Dug out my old Amiga today and gave it's insides a dust. I'm going to get it setup again for #retro gaming. Here's a shot of it's motherboard.

A friend of mine is streaming some Retro games!

He communicates in Swedish though. But you should definitely check it out. and say I said hi :)

#retro #snes #stream

This CBM is in the Beloit College MakerLab, a space for students to build and create with two MakerBot printers, some machines, and a budding lab as well which I'm helping create.

It's the property of the founder of CELEB (MakerLab's parent organization) from his 30 year tenure in at the College.

Sadly, many of the associated floppies have deteriorated beyond recovery.

I love and !

900+ days of uptime on a super secret SDF DEC alpha server 🥂 🍾

@Averly @Wintermute21 Here's a playlist I subscribe to on Spotify:

Synthwave / Outrun Electro (Mitch Murder, Perturbator, Stranger Things, etc.)

#Synthwave #Retro #Electro #Music #Playlist

Run a Really Old Version of Mac OS on Your Android Device

Ironic that its easier to run a #retro version of #Mac OS on your Android phone than on an iOS phone...


[EN] Thanks to this future technology (6€, flea markt), I may soon be able to load data into my Commodore64 \o/

[FR] Grâce à cette technologie du futur (6€, vide-grenier), je pourrai peut-être bientôt charger des données dans mon Commodore64 \o/

#vintage #retro #8bit #datasette #C64

Retro gaming on a Ideapad Chuckie Egg running on a BBC Emulator #retro #8bit