I'm giving a webinar on July 26th! I'll be talking about #OpenSource robotics, #UbuntuCore, #IoT, & more. Join me?

attacks on computers rise 300%, vendors using outdated Linux kernels open the door

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Amazon Echo Look ... perfect #IoT device for spying on the population - in the bedroom! /cc @internetofshit

#IoT device companies are not making #infosec a priority. #Hackers continue to enlist vulnerable home internet connected devices into massive botnets. 🤖

@NinahMarie @moritzheiber you need to take a tram I'm afraid. But interestingly one thing is not be able to give realtime info, the other is cancelling a whole thing. Do they divert trains from Germany, too?

Too many #IoT installed I think!

If only... there were a search engine, could run every 12 hours, whatever, that indexed hashtags across all non-private Mastodon instances.

Because: it would help one find people who post items of interest. There ate about 1,000 instances. How can I search for e.g.

RELATED: when I do a serach while signed into a given instance, what is scope of the search?

Trapped by the #? Check out @rabimba's talk from # on freeing yourself from walled gardens with #

@nimda #iot was ment as a 'techy' way of selling more and more devices. after tens of millions iot's were sold and running, suddenly protective security becomes an issue. A big (and dangerous) fail.

I think we haven't seen the worst malicious iot abuse yet.. :/

Fun that @internetofshit is here on #mastodon - one of the more entertaining (and sometimes scary) #IoT -related accounts I follow over on birdsite.

"I conclude that there are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is :
To make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies.
and the other way is :
To make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies."- Antony Hoare, Turing Award Lecture 1980

This logic can be applied to So many other things. #IoT

Huh, I get a 500 if I try to follow @internetofshit.

Any ideas why? How will I keep up to date with #IoT catastrophes now?


Hi everybody! I'm British, living in Spain, doing full-stack development in #JavaScript and #TypeScript, building #IoT #hardware for fun, and building an IoT platform day-to-day at

Lots of #opensource, lots of #videogames (Dishonoured 2 right now), exploring the magic of Spain (y #Español), and cycling (#mtb & #roadbiking) when I have time.

(Thanks to @nolan for the .☕️ invite!)

I suppose I should do my #Introduction as well.

I'm Matthew Butler, I a Dev working remotely. Primarily I work with #Dartlang on the backend, working in #IoT field.

I enjoy dabbling with #GoLang and #Rustlang recently. But most free time is spent with my 4 yr old.

One of my first projects I always tackle with any new language is to write a minimal Mud. Because they have always been one of my favorite pastimes.

I've also been known to dabble with #Esperanto.

Dang. "Ownership" of #IoT devices keeps getting murkier and murkier. Apparently this pressure cooker can be controlled via a mobile app. The manufacturer updated the software recently, so the cooker -- including cookers that worked yesterday -- will no longer operate unless the owner now registers an account with personally identifying information.