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In a little over 12 hours, I (plus @Moosical and the kids ) will be on our way to Manchester for - can't wait!


The wait is over ! Episode 4 of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot ! is out, featuring dasgeek from Destination Linux. @thelovebug and Yannick review Borderland, episode 4 of season 4 of #StarTrekEnterprise .

And so draws to an end for 2019. Looking forward to what 2020 will bring! Thanks to all for making it an amazing event.

@perloid @chalkahlom @kevie @thelovebug I was going to wish you all have a good time but I'm pretty sure you are going to have a great time.

@chalkahlom @thelovebug thank you sir, we'll raise a beer to you later when @mcnalu joins us πŸ˜€πŸ»πŸ˜€

Waiting in the departures lounge at Stornoway Airport. Looking forward to seeing @thelovebug @Moosical @mcnalu @perloid and others at this weekend

Does the still exist? I ask because @Moosical and I have just joined (which is exactly the same except you don't know the person you're sending to/receiving from)

It'd be nice to people we know, also!

#ExpeditionSasquatch - The Premier #Podcast for the seekers of truth, those who dabble in mysterious, and every damn man, woman, and child that wants to see the big ol' dead bigfoot.

We're still pending approval from all the aggregators, but you can subscribe from right there on the website if you want, and we'll have itunes, google, and spotify links up eventually.

Seems like a bit of poor coordination to me? Manchester, September Manchester, October

Wouldn't it have made sense to pool resources?

People on the bus, use a hanky and stop sniffing for gods sake

cloudflare being down taking down like half the internet is a good example of why centralization is bad
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