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@mjd @trregeagle Any danger of making a comeback? I'm a huge fan of these scriptless stream-of-consciousness style podcasts (ahem, ), there aren't enough of them around. @mcnalu @kevie

@mcnalu Wow, I remember Sawtell. I think I started listening around the time it stopped! πŸ˜† Most of the episodes are still on , though. I've found episode zero, and - seemingly every episode from 0.4 to 0.8.0. I might go back and listen to those. @trregeagle @kevie

@SolusSpider I installed Flatpak, and I see the standard window decoration with a close button in the top right of the Preferences window. @kevie @mcnalu

@kevie Ooh, there was a Flatpak version of this, which I'm using to reply! :-) @mcnalu

@SolusSpider @thelovebug @mcnalu glad that you made that discovery πŸ˜‚ welcome to the community of listeners

Discovered #TuxJam today.
Been chatting to @thelovebug on #TheBugcast
Shout-out to fellow Scots @kevie and @mcnalu
BTW, I am killer on Extreme Tux Racer, but was hopeless with Tux Rider on my Galaxy Note 5.

@thaj I gotta admit, I've never listened. (Sorry, @klaatu!) - but I have subscribed now. Not enough hours in the day to listen to everything that I do subscribe to! πŸ˜• @claudiom

@claudiom It doesn't sound like either of you will feel any particular loss.

@claudiom In case it wasn't clear, that was a dig at the producers, not you πŸ˜†

@claudiom It's not difficult to pull audio from a produced video. Seems daft to alienate a significant portion of your audience. Video and audio shows cater to significantly different audiences.

@fitheach We will do TOS eventually... but we've worked out we have 14Β½ years of weekly shows in terms of material we can review! We're doing Discovery season 3 at the moment, as it's current, but I think we're moving onto Deep Space 9 season 1 next.

@fitheach Heh, no... but I do a weekly review podcast on Star Trek with a friend.

@fitheach Fair enough. I use Memory Alpha on a daily basis... it's like Wikipedia for Star Trek πŸ––

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