So, @Moosical and I have recently gotten into foreign language drama (The Bridge, The Investigation, Rebecka Martinsson, Man In Room 301, etc - all highly recommended, btw). We've just started watching The Valhalla Murders on Netflix, which is dubbed into English as standard.

We switched back to Icelandic, as the dubbing of the original detaches from what's actually going on. You don't get impact or emotion of the dialogue when it's dubbed into a different language. Foreign with subs πŸ‘

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Most of what we watched is subtitled. Much better.

Thanks for the recommendation! While we're at it, I can recommend Ragnarok series as well.


@tpheine Thanks, we'll check that out after The Valhalla Murders πŸ˜„ @Moosical

@thelovebug @Moosical I got into subtitles many years ago to improve my English and watched the rest of languages dubbed , but someone recommended me some years ago and began watching almost everything with subtitles and got engaged, prefer it to dubbed now.

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