I'm entering the deep, dark world of . I've bought a portable device ( UV-5RTP), the Foundation License Manual, joined the (), joining my local , and monitoring local frequencies for chatter. All I need is for my local Society to open their doors again, and I can take the Foundation course and book my exam.

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@thelovebug You might want to check out who offer remote training. All the exams have moved online for the duration and the technical requirements have been (temporarly) dropped.

Thanks for this, @ken_fallon... I've booked in a course with EssexHam 😁

@thelovebug Welcome. Whole new worlds of stuff to understand and do await -- or put another way - rabbitholes, like antennas and transmission lines πŸ˜€. The EssexHam introductory videos are a great overview of the many facets of the hobby.

Thanks, @gmoretti! 😁. I already have the basics through electronics and my previous experience with CB radio in 70s thru 90s. This is a nice challenging progression into the more serious side of amateur radio, rather than just picking up a microphone and speaking.

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