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Hi! I'm a Global VAT Manager (boring career) and lapsed livestream DJ (due to post-Covid issues).
I'm also a Labour Town Councillor in , Staffordshire.
Serious Twitter addict so the withdrawal over the next few months is not going to be pretty.
I toot about everything; politics, insomnia, weak-arse puns, mild swears, mental health issues (depression, ADHD, being an eejit) and insert myself into conversations with little provocation.

Look at what Germany is doing to tackle fuel prices

We're so fucked in Tory Britain

Tedious Physical Exercise Boast 

Having used that as a CW once, I feel obliged to use it for all these.
I just completed a challenge.

I think MrsVark and I might have an impulse control issue when it comes to gig tickets. This morning we booked to see The Levellers in Cov on 5th August. This evening we booked to see @HENGE_band in Leek on 21st Oct and tonight we booked to see @PIXIES and The @LotteryWinners in Bingley on 7th August.

From birdsite 

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Your fact of the day. There's roughly one British billionaire for every 7 Trussell Trust food banks in the UK #RichList

The home office proving once again how they will very nearly just toss those they don't deem of use into the fire. As this would get in the way of evacuation of able bodies people. But that's nothing new for the Conservatives. 😓Thread about Grenfell.
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Today, the Home Office has decided that requiring 'personal emergency evacuation plans' (PEEPs) for disabled residents would not be "proportionate, practical or safe", and sa…

i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

To White Hall, and there I waited upon the King and Queen all dinner-time, in the Queen’s lodgings, she being in her white pinner and apron, like a woman with child; and she seemed handsomer plain so, than dressed. a fine thread on "IQ", collective vs individual wisdom and work, and other stuff. in my opinion IQ has been a profoundly destructive concept for humanity. foremost it has been wielded in the name of race science. more subtly but no less importantly, it has distorted the very bases of how we think about human capabilities, by generalizing and totalizing capability to a single value. (to an extent, this is what anything called a quotient *does*!)

OK from now on seals are just called "chonk otters" sorry I don't make the rules.

To be honest I never realised she had such an eclectic taste in music!

Personally I think the highlight would be that long-anticipated collaboration between Bonnie Langford and Napalm Death.

#ukmusic #totp #platinumjubilee

Seen on the accursed bird site.... The Horde Hoop Marimba Band plays Vivaldi.... Uplifting for a Thursday morning.

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