Having some issues moving my account. I have set up the alias on ni.hil.ist, but on mastodon.me.uk, it still says that the new account is not an alias. Any idea what is going on?

users: how can I switch between my laptop's integrated graphics and the dedicated Nvidia card? The laptop is a Thinkpad W700, so the display is way to high resolution for the Core2Duo's graphics to handle with any reasonable performance

I am cleaning up the HTML and CSS for Rhizomatix. let me know if you see any issues

Does anybody know of a way to get swype-style typing on Linux? I have a rugged x86 tablet that has a rather interesting touchscreen. It is essentially a drawing tablet, it can even be configured with the same tools. OSK typing is kind of a pain with a stylus and I would love to be able to do it faster. Any suggestions?

I just got a Mac G4 tower. When trying to install , the installer crashes while copying files. The machine then reboots and of course Open Firmware complains about the computer lacking a kernel. Any ideas?


I'm about bring the 24-core beast online...it better work, I used most of my remaining thermal paste on this

Rhizomatix will go offline for a minute. I have to steal the network card out of that machine. Should be back online in less that 5 minutes

Hey Fedi, what are some fun party games (computer or otherwise) that can be played by a group over a video call? I am trying to organize a small event with some local friends. we will be playing Drawful 2, but we have few other ideas

Can anybody recommend a good webcomic? I am looking for something with an ongoing story (as much as I like XKCD, I would rather have something a little more linear) I am open to pretty much any genre.

People who have more photo editing experience than I: I have a number of TIF images that I am trying to stitch together.They are all very large, big enough that they exceed the combination of my RAM and swap space when put together. What is the best way to get the amount of data to a manageable amount while minimizing image quality loss?

Any fedi users have RFID implants? What are your experiences.Looking into getting one, but curious what actual users of them think.

All sorts of fun weather over here. Lights are getting a bit flickery, so the @RhizomatixBlog server may go offline....again. Hopefully it won't be for more than a few hours

Sorry about the @RhizomatixBlog downtime. Power went out. The computer running the service came back on a good little 'puter, but I forgot to set tor to run on boot. Back online now

In my continuing search for non mainstream services I encountered LBRY.tv. Anybody have any thoughts about it, pros/cons etc?

Request for advice 

I have been interested in technology for years. Figuring out how crap works, changing it, taking courses on computer science etc. Lately I have just been feeling burned out across the board. I haven't powered on any of my old hardware other than for people who think it is cool in months. I feel like I'm stuck in a loop, as far as this interest goes. No new inspiration, just complete the task, submit for grading etc. To those who have been in this situation, what got you out?

Does anybody know if the of (tor, not tor browser) is up to date? I am really not in the mood to deal with setting it up as per the official instructions

My project is going well, although I am currently fighting an urge to watch Simon's Cat on YouTube

This week I am going to completely . I already don't use many of it's services. YouTube will be the difficult one, as I use it often. I will post daily using this hashtag as a form of accountability

Winter is coming, this means that if I want to keep my fragile, carbon based, uncomfortably liquid body at survivable temperatures, I need my pile of computers to produce more heat. If anybody needs a hidden service to be hosted, let me know

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