Apparently the only other person to use this tag meant it as Key Signing Party, not Kerbal Space Program. Nerd. *Continues calculating orbital trajectories*

Just returned Jeb back home from a 2+ year mission

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#gophwr v0.5 supports basic keyboard shortcuts and user config files where you can set your homepage and download folder, adjust the font and the colours. Give it a try!
#gopher #racket

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We have a brand new article by @syrinx about the old school Bulletin Board System. Check it out via Tor at kse5vsklszkdm6tnqzbrd6ry2ohrqlljnpz65qkno63goqzzsjahazad.onion and over Gopher at gopher://

Been messing around with Brutaldon, a client for Mastodon https://brutal My outdated mobile device doesn't play nice with regular mastodon, but brutaldon works well on my tiny screen

A fellow member of the @RhizomatixBlog project shared this with me. This was back from when Mozilla was hella awesome

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Do you have fond memories of the days of BBSing? @syrinx is working on an article about Bulletin Board Systems and would love to work in some of your experiences

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Some pride drawings with my LGBT oc's!
(I just noticed I don't have any white character yet lol)

Does anybody have any ideas on how to save an old SSD? It's probably dead, I've tried everything I can think of but I just figured I'd ask

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i'm sure that it's been asked before, but i'm curious again: what are people's naming schemes for your computers?

( boosts welcome or whatever )
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one may wonder why Pleroma is planning to block Tootdon, the answer is that Tootdon sends a copy of every post it sees to Tootdon's corporate servers.
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Google to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users

(submitted by estranhosidade)

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I am looking for a serialized fiction to get into. If anybody has a recommendation, let me know.

Does anybody know of some methods for unsticking read/write heads from the platter? I found an old IBM DeskStar HDD. Pretty sure it's stuck. I have tried the freeze and heat methods to no avail. Any ideas?

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Hi folks! At @RhizomatixBlog, @syrinx is cooking up a piece about the continuing relevance of BBSing. He wants to hear about your BBS experiences, especially which ones you still actively use.

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