I am working on a new project, an old school accessible over . It will run on a Raspberry Pi and be powered by MysticBBS. If anybody has ideas or input, let me know

What do you think is the best method for getting CF/SD/IDE on computers with 8 bit IDE controllers? I am looking at the Lo-tech, but open to other options

Just finished playing some Crypt of the NecroDancer. I will likely continue doing things to the rhythm of the zone one music for the rest of the day

I am not a big fan of Adobe, but love working with After Effects. Does anybody know of a good alternative that runs on or ? I already use Kdenlive for basic editing, I just need something that is less of a pain to use keyframes with and has some more compositing related features

One of my BSD laptops just hit 100°c. You would think it would be the machine mining crypto, but nope. It was the one doing absolutely nothing. Time for some new thermal paste.

Been mining for the past two days, I will have made one cent worth of it some time in the next few hours

Switching one of my linux boxes over to 9p.io/plan9/ I will post about my progress as events warrant

Always check your processor core for scorpions
- Jeph Jacques

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The dev of Toot! for iOS isn’t very patient with Gab enthusiasts, either. ❤️❤️❤️

How do you deter people from performing vulnerability analyses on you hidden services? My current solution involves rickrolling and justin bieber GIFs. It is not working very well

Debian: Daf*uck is a floppy disk
Solus: TeacV0.0 Floppy Disk, 562.2 kB free

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fascists comply with RFC 3514 challenge

I need to get a laptop with a built in floppy drive, does not want to play nice with the external one that I have, it either takes 20 minutes to copy a few kilobytes or won't mount the disk at all

Problem: My laptop keeps going into sleep mode, pausing the download of the Monero blockchain.
Potential solutions:
1. Access power settings, uncheck a box.
2. Run a process in the background that keeps all cores running at 100% utilization, thus preventing the computer from sleeping
You can probably guess which one I chose.

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I'm extremely pleased to launch Run Your Own Social: How to run a small social network site for you friends.

This is a guide book to running a small, tight-knit federated social network server. It comes from my year of experience running Friend Camp. It's focused largely on SOCIAL solutions, though it does touch on the technical.

I've tried to keep it technology-neutral, and it should be a pretty easy read for anyone who's been on the fediverse for a while.


I have been messing around with a program called mkp224o. It is for brute-forcing tor v3 domain names. I forgot to tell it to stop once it found a few, so I am now in possession of a ton of .onion domains that start with "linux" If anybody wants one, let me know

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