Today has mostly been about bike maintenance. Replaced the front forks and headset and added a rear rack for the battery.

I'm thinking about task/productivity methods. I've tried GTD years ago, but it didn't stick.
A couple of colleagues (that I rate) have recommended Inbox Zero and Bullet Journalling.
Anyone got any others I should be considering. My workdays involve a LOT of context switching.

WORDLE - close to disaster 

Skin of my teeth

Wordle 320 6/6*



Definitely on a roll today



FRAMED (humble brag) 

Quite pleased with this one

Framed #55
🎥 🟥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛

This has completely blown my mind tonight. This is the breakdown of an original tweet.

It feels weird to go from following >3000 people on the other site to just a handful here. But I don't want to do a bulk follow thing - this is supposed to feel different.

I'm rather over excited about the fact I have a team awayday tomorrow. The themes of the day will be - we are one team and product management is more important than product managers.

Hi I'm Saul, I do digital stuff and have done for lots of years. I mostly do it in the North of England but have been south on occasions.
I currently do product/service stuff at the University of Sheffield, but have done agency and public sector stuff too.
I like to make stuff out of electronics and 3d printed plastic as well.
Oh and I help Sheffield Digital. Busy busy.

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