At a time of national crisis, I see Prince Edward and Ozzy Osbourne are holding up the News at 10.

Someone had fun choosing a key frame for the video preview.

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Two decades of Alzheimer's research may be based on deliberate fraud that has cost millions of lives:

I remember seeing an item on the TV not long ago where the presenter was puzzling over why drugs that successfully targeted amyloid plaques did not seem to have any effect slowing or stopping the development of Alzheimer's. I guess now we know 😕

I see that Tim Westwood is out of the Conservative Party leadership contest.

Next person to say “runners and riders” gets a slap.

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Love watching bill waterson use Calvin’s parents to shit on advertising and consumerism. He makes it so fun! Those last two panels are especially fiery.

They’re also both dressed very chic. Nerdy twink and futch solidarity.

I'd be a lot easier with this Rwanda thing if they promised to deport David Walliams next time he attempted a Channel crossing.

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agitprop + dealing with spam 

problem: I get invited to Whatsapp crypto spam groups all the time 😔
opportunity: finally, an audience for my insufferable shit!

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Someone should tell NHS 111 that their hold music is the kind of thing you’d hear at a fucking crematorium.

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If your proposed alternative to government backed fiat currency can be completely undermined by someone hacking discord, then it's not a very good alternative, is it?

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AI politicians 

The thing about training AI is that you bake in existing prejudice and biases. Here's DALL·E generating images of different political party MPs.

That swirligig in the middle there is me getting RSI by spamming the update swipe.

Footage of the Queen walking around in BBC jubilee idents is so far removed from reality that she might as well be tap dancing into Westminster Abbey.

Does my nut in to this day that Pump Up the Volume was released on 4AD.

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