This kind of court action gives me a sliver of hope amongst what feels like an incredibly bleak and depressing outlook for mine and my kids futures.

‘It’s a human rights issue’: young adults take Portugal climate crisis to court

Retweet the Green Party and you'll be kicked out of Labour. Will transphobes be kicked out? I doubt it.

Labour MPs back gender-critical group after conference snub

Please, trade unions, disaffiliate from Labour. They no longer have working people's interests at heart. Starve them of donations.

Shadow ministers question Labour’s stance on strikes after Tarry sacking.

This is the same Church of England that is allowed to operate 4,632 schools in England.

Justin Welby forced to allow Anglican bishops to reject statement on sexuality

Confirmation that Starmer's Labour is happy to see rail firms make obscene profits while putting up fares and failing to invest in the network during a cost of living crisis.

Labour is not the party of working people anymore.

Remember folks - we need to restrain ourselves when it comes to pay to help limit inflation.

In other news:

Anglian Water chief lands £1.3m pay despite two-star pollution rating

This is the stuff we should be hearing from the Labour leadership, not just back benchers.

Rebecca Long-Bailey calls for Labour to drop cautious approach to economy.

Fantastic news and yet another demonstration of why, if you haven't already, you should join a union.

British Airways staff call off Heathrow strike after 8% pay rise deal

Obscene figures. They're killing our planet with their greed.

Revealed: oil sector’s ‘staggering’ $3bn-a-day profits for last 50 years

Putting self-interested politicians in charge of police services was never a good idea. Even worse was showing clear law-breakers to be in charge.

Tory police boss banned from driving after breaking speed limit five times

Shows what fucking morons they are that this bunch of right wing dunces consider some of their own to be doing socialism.

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