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Huge week starting on the teams functionality in Fluidkeys and working through how to become a non-profit. Gonna be a busy March :)

I wonder if Australia's new Technical Capability Notice powers could be used to compel Google to switch on that disabled microphone?

"compulsory notices for a designated communication provider to build a new interception capability"

I mean, it seems like it fits...

I’m officially intrigued. I’ve never used Gopher but it sounds like we’d get along... does it make sense to port/serve my blog to/on Gopher[space]?

“We must revive Gopherspace”

Anyone have a recommendation for a @mailchimp alternative? Our wish list:

* EU based company
* API: get subscriber list & webhook on subscribe
* Respectful of privacy (can disable link/open tracking)
* Aimed more on *announcements* than marketing

Will consider self-hosting!

One of my favourite things about working on Fluidkeys is speaking to new people every week, and discovering there are *soo* many people trying to do security right for their customers. It's definitely not all doom and gloom!

Thanks to everyone whose valuable feedback guided today's release of Fluidkeys 👋

Now you can send private keys and certs direct from a file with no fiddly copy/paste 💾

Nor are companies:

"Perfect credit cooperation models between retailers and suppliers. Strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement, strengthen investigation and prosecution of acts of market distortion, false propaganda, commercial swindling, commercial slander, commercial bribes and other such unlawful acts, expose model cases and major cases increase the costs for enterprises to break trust, and stimulate sincere business and fair competition"

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Civil servants aren't off the hook:

"...enter civil servants’ personal credit information concerning reports on events, records of sincerity and cleanliness in government affairs, the results of annual evaluations, acts violating laws, disciplines and contract into their files"

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Some select highlights:

"Sincerity in government affairs is the crux of social credit system construction..."

"[to] perfect mechanisms and procedures for government policymaking, raise the transparency of policymaking"

"...broaden channels for public participation in government policymaking, strengthen social supervision over and constraints on the use of power, improve government credibility, establish an honest image of an open, fair and clean government."

(it isn't how I expected)

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Finished prepping my talk on China's Social Credit System (thanks for the great links).

I was most surprised by the official Planning Outline [translated]: chinacopyrightandmedia.wordpre

1/2 of the focus is on government itself (typically I read only about area #3):

1. integrity in government affairs
2. commercial integrity
3. societal integrity
4. judicial credibility

Slightly sad but mostly relieved to be shutting down my PGP keyserver monitoring service.

It wasn't working well and it was difficult and stressful to maintain.

Planning how to close it respectfully and delete people's data has felt good. Getting some nice email replies :D

I'm giving a (5 minute) Ignite talk on China's social credit system next week, and I admit I don't know a lot about it yet.

Can anyone point me towards good reading on the topic?

We've made a preview site showing how Fluidkeys can make PGP simple for engineering teams...

I'd really appreciate your feedback!

So many services don't support changing your username. This sucks if you use your full name as a username, then happen to change it... which isn't exactly uncommon.

I've got a sneaky suspicion if dev teams had better gender balance this wouldn't be the case :\

Testing inter-network toot to to

Mine and @ian's daily goals:

1) merge updated `fk secret send` (now you can send text files)

2) finalise design for `fk secret receive` when there's a filename attached

3) build a working spike on "safety words" (cryptographic verification) for joining a team on Fluidkeys

My focus for today is making Fluidkeys read a (signed) team membership file, then fetch or refresh all the PGP keys listed therein.

(Laying the groundwork for our upcoming 0.4 release where the team becomes the root of everything)

: Got Fluidkeys working nicely with Mailvelope (webmail-based email envryption) as well as automatically setting up git and Github for signing & verifying commits :D

I don't understand HackerNews' algo: yesterday, nothing, almost zero upvotes. Today, boom, front page out of nowhere.

Weird! (Not complaining!)

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