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We've made a preview site showing how Fluidkeys can make PGP simple for engineering teams...

I'd really appreciate your feedback!

So many services don't support changing your username. This sucks if you use your full name as a username, then happen to change it... which isn't exactly uncommon.

I've got a sneaky suspicion if dev teams had better gender balance this wouldn't be the case :\

Testing inter-network toot to to

Mine and @ian's daily goals:

1) merge updated `fk secret send` (now you can send text files)

2) finalise design for `fk secret receive` when there's a filename attached

3) build a working spike on "safety words" (cryptographic verification) for joining a team on Fluidkeys

My focus for today is making Fluidkeys read a (signed) team membership file, then fetch or refresh all the PGP keys listed therein.

(Laying the groundwork for our upcoming 0.4 release where the team becomes the root of everything)

: Got Fluidkeys working nicely with Mailvelope (webmail-based email envryption) as well as automatically setting up git and Github for signing & verifying commits :D

I don't understand HackerNews' algo: yesterday, nothing, almost zero upvotes. Today, boom, front page out of nowhere.

Weird! (Not complaining!)

Send encrypted passwords, tokens, API keys direct from the command-line with our new release, Fluidkeys 0.3 💻 🤫

Wow, an old weakness in Android permissions allowed any app to secretly get your location (from WiFi hotspots) without asking or prompting:

Ladies and gentlemen, the website of the UK’s premier museum of design.

@Edent well done on the Twitter bug bounty :) Just read about it on HackerNews!

"At the moment, I have harvested a solid dirt... on you... I saved all your email and chats from your messangers. I also saved the entire history of the sites you visit."

... cute First data breach that matters to me personally. I feel quite sick. Especially because (since joining this stupid thing) I've been *reeeally* careful to protect my home address. Fake names to hotels, etc. All ruined in one breach. Arseholes.

What's going on at Amazon? All I'm seeing on HackerNews atm is announcements of new AWS stuff, multiple per day, it's bewildering

Thanks to everyone who helped out with our user research interviews the past few days, it was extremely helpful as always. We're much clearer on how the first Fluidkeys team alpha will look as a result :)

Lovely warm welcome from coworking space in Lisbon. This place is slick, bustling and it *works*. Would recommend.

Trying out digital nomad-ism in Lisbon later this week.

Can anyone point me to a nice coworking / makerspace / hackspace I could work from?

I wrote up some observations about the OpenPGP Email summit in our most recent weeknotes.

Spoiler: usability is high up the agenda, Autocrypt is awesome and Delta Chat is my new favourite app:

Who runs this instance and how can I support its running?

I "chose" this instance only because I knew people here - it wasn't a real choice because I didn't understand mastodon when I made it.

I suspect it's important we feel connected to our instance for long term health of the network and keeping it decentralised.

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