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Was thinking as libraries move to support remote access I would do a short thread on tips based on my experience

Awake early partly intentionally to get some work done before the rest of the house wake, partly because my brain is apparently more worried than I thought about checking my travel insurance and seeing what we can do about our Easter holiday

This seems as good a time as any to re-start blogging so here is a diary of our first week in family isolation - hopefully more to come

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Huge thanks to as we now have books, flour & turmeric but more importantly lifted spirits 😁 I got a couple of graphic novels, bunny vs monkey bk 7 & Glass Town, will read & review & then you know who to go buy from

Confine me to the house and it seems that I’m suddenly become the kind of person who says things like “waste not, want not”, makes jam, bakes bread, and spends Saturday morning making stock from chicken & veg trimmings!

Our new band “Fantasy Land” (me, B and F) has our first rehearsal earlier. It was a bit rough and ready but we got through the first verse of Viva la Vida without breaking up so I count that as a success!

Much needed doorstep delivery thanks to Milk & More and milkman Neil. Looking for positives in the current tough situation I’m realising how much we already support small & local businesses as a family and how much…

Home made sourdough with homemade kiwi & grapefruit jam so glad I did the haddieandtrilby baking course at the start of March!

To try to give some control back to kids while we are in we’ve started a “wish list” of things we want to do and given the kids “I choose” cards they can play once a day at any time to do…

From "all household members must stay at home and not leave the house for 14 days" AND "After 7 days, if the first person to become ill feels better ... they can return to their normal routine.". So how long should the 1st person be isolated?

Disastrous buns become yummy salt & vinegar crisps! haddieandtrilby . Thanks to hyzer_boy for suggesting croutons which inspired me!

Waiting for either/both and covid-19 advice to be updated in line with what was said in the press conference....

My choir has had to cancel our upcoming concert and rehearsals for the moment :( In the meantime the very talented musical director, Seb, is planning to offer some online webinars - details at - let him know if you are interested!

Just blogged about the article I published with Gethin Rees about the Season of Place - training BL staff in all things hope you find it useful!

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