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Ok, here we go! We'd like to invite you to try out our new SLUB Linked Open Data Service under The REST API provides our bibliographic data in as different LOD flavors (JSON-LD, NT, TTL, RDF).

Nice example of enhancing library catalogue with external data (in this case from Wikipedia)

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In 2019 BNE ecnriched 80K+ authority records with data from then mapped BNE IDs with Wikidata IDs from VIAF dump. @3186Ricardo notes concerns about Wikidata - ignores P737 (influenced by)

Really pleased that @3186Ricardo is talking about how has been looking at data enhancement based on links to other data sources - it feels like first practical use of the linked nature of the data I’ve seen today

Interesting presentation by @digitopia_nl on linked data from KB national library in Netherlands. Not sure about the use of schema:role for author pseudonyms - schema:PerformanceRole feels like it would be a better fit?

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TheyWorkForYou, one of @mySociety’s most well-used services, is part of the democratic plumbing of the UK, but has no dedicated funding. Help us run it through the election, and for another year

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At the Cocoda workshop, @nichtich recommends to set up a OpenRefine Reconciliation Endpoint for your vocabularies because it then can be used both with @coli_conc and with @OpenRefine. This shows, why reconciliation standards make sense (see

Arrived safely in Hamburg for . Trying @DulfsBurger before heading back to hotel for final prep for workshop tomorrow

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We have 7 spaces remaining at the first @durham_uni @LibCarpentry workshop on 11 December. Do you know any people in the north east of England who may be interested? We are doing an intro to data and .

Have started 5:2 dieting and on a “2” (low calorie intake) day today. Hardest thing is not having my morning lattes!

Especially proud of our kids this week following their respective school parents’ evenings

RT Also! has built a reconciliation service for, is building out previews to make this more useful, is working with CS students at to write an OpenRefine extension to push data directly into SNAC

Every candidate list for every constituency has now been published!

Volunteers have worked through them, double-checked them…

🎉 And we can announce that there are 3,323 people standing at on 12 December! 🎉

Find your candidates at

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative awards USD 200,000 to through the Open Source Software Projects Essential to Science program 🎉🎉 Press Release 👈 Our Announcement: 👈

Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ software projects used by thousands of scientists daily

V pleased to say this includes OpenRefine - so looking forward to working on this. We're going to be working to attract new contributors by improving documentation, and implementing a new data model to improve the scalability, transparency, and reproducibility of OR workflows.
Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ software…

Looking for examples of excellent documentation for applications - does anyone have great examples?

Sing it Loud’s next concert- 30th November in St Mary’s church Warwick. Raising money for the Cleft Lip and Palate Association @ St Mary’S Church

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