Back in the UK after a full week of for Great week and really feeling positive about what we’ve already achieved and upcoming developments especially for the electronic resource management aspects I work on

In the US this week for - my first visit to Texas. Not seen a lot outside the hotel/conference centre yet but have a day in Houston planned before I fly back

Announcing a new web resource: the Balanced Value Impact Model. Visit for free to use exemplars, implementations, templates, a bibliography and a glossary of the BVI Model.

Forcing myself to face the world this morning even though I really don’t feel like it :(

David Stephens 1943-2020. Our amazing Dad passed away on Sunday morning. He was so caring, interested in everything, clever, witty & an inspiration for me - without him I wouldn’t be who I am or do what I do. Feeling…

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Friends who enjoy , does anyone have a favorite video guide about OpenRefine's cluster tool?

So many choices...

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Disorganized email is the best email. This paper shows putting email in folders wastes 11 minutes a day on average. People who use folders take more time to find stuff compared to people who use search, and have no higher accuracy in finding what they want.

It’s that time again. To be forswunk (13th century) is to be exhausted from overworking. To be foreswunk is to be exhausted before you even begin.

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TheyWorkForYou is currently operating without dedicated funding, and that’s a problem. In order to keep it running for the next twelve months, we’re going to need help. Please donate to our crowdfunder: (and if you can’t, please share). Thank you!

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