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TheyWorkForYou is currently operating without dedicated funding, and that’s a problem. In order to keep it running for the next twelve months, we’re going to need help. Please donate to our crowdfunder: crowdfunder.co.uk/theyworkfory (and if you can’t, please share). Thank you!

Going to see @JohnFinnemore at Bloomsbury theatre today and v excited!

Waving goodbye to and Hamburg. Heading to airport

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Amazing work presented by @EstherDuesberg and colleague, both from Max Planck Institute for the History of Science “Digital sources and research data: linked and usable” Warning: CIDOC/RDF on board

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Ok, here we go! We'd like to invite you to try out our new SLUB Linked Open Data Service under data.slub-dresden.de. The REST API provides our bibliographic data in schema.org as different LOD flavors (JSON-LD, NT, TTL, RDF).

Nice example of enhancing library catalogue with external data (in this case from Wikipedia) mediatheques.agglo-moulins.fr/

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In 2019 BNE ecnriched 80K+ authority records with data from then mapped BNE IDs with Wikidata IDs from VIAF dump. @3186Ricardo notes concerns about Wikidata - ignores P737 (influenced by)

Really pleased that @3186Ricardo is talking about how datos.bne.es has been looking at data enhancement based on links to other data sources - it feels like first practical use of the linked nature of the data I’ve seen today

Interesting presentation by @digitopia_nl on linked data from KB national library in Netherlands. Not sure about the use of schema:role for author pseudonyms - schema:PerformanceRole feels like it would be a better fit?

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