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Disorganized email is the best email. This paper shows putting email in folders wastes 11 minutes a day on average. People who use folders take more time to find stuff compared to people who use search, and have no higher accuracy in finding what they want.

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Amazing work presented by @EstherDuesberg and colleague, both from Max Planck Institute for the History of Science “Digital sources and research data: linked and usable” Warning: CIDOC/RDF on board

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In 2019 BNE ecnriched 80K+ authority records with data from then mapped BNE IDs with Wikidata IDs from VIAF dump. @3186Ricardo notes concerns about Wikidata - ignores P737 (influenced by)

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Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ software projects used by thousands of scientists daily bit.ly/34YhzX1

V pleased to say this includes OpenRefine - so looking forward to working on this. We're going to be working to attract new contributors by improving documentation, and implementing a new data model to improve the scalability, transparency, and reproducibility of OR workflows.
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Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ software…

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Son has an excellent stash of bday books , the Illustrated World of Mortal Engines is pretty glorious, no wonder he was always coveting it whenever we visited @warwick_books@twitter.com

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Announcing a programme of @thecarpentries@twitter.com Library Carpentry workshops at @EdinburghUni@twitter.com, hosted in collaboration with @natlibscot@twitter.com, @CRC_EdUni@twitter.com, & @edcarp2@twitter.com.
Workshops on Python and R for Libraries, OpenRefine, and more.
Book a place (UoE login required): events.ed.ac.uk/index.cfm?even

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A few weeks ago @Lottewilms@twitter.com spent a week in Qatar to co-write a book in five days. The book titled 'Open A GLAM Lab' is launched today!

Read everything you ever wanted to know about opening, maintaining and innovating through GLAM Labs here: lab.kb.nl/news/open-glam-lab-b

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More book recommendations from the awesome Stephens-Patel family ❤️ HUGE Shout out to ⁦@DenimAlley@twitter.com⁩ ⁦@kmlarwood@twitter.com⁩ ⁦@AliceOseman@twitter.com⁩ ⁦@CressidaCowell@twitter.com⁩ ⁦@booksaremybag@twitter.com⁩ ⁦@buyin2warwick@twitter.com⁩

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Another important announcement, we will host a two day workshop in the James Joyce Library UCD on the 4 and 5 November: details at lirgroup.heanet.ie/index.php/2 @LibCarpentry@twitter.com @UCDLibrary@twitter.com @conulireland@twitter.com @LAIonline@twitter.com hope to see you there

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After almost two years of preparations and development together with the @FOLIO_LSP@twitter.com community, @chalmerslibrary@twitter.com at @chalmersuniv@twitter.com is proud and thrilled to be the first library using open source LSP @FOLIO_LSP@twitter.com for circulation and print & electronic resource management!

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Had a fab time listening to @UKLaureate@twitter.com tonight, kids are so inspired & already writing new stories, thanks @KenilworthBook@twitter.com for a great event & what a venue, Coventry cathedral

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Help me, people in my computer! Does anyone know of anyone who's written about Chinese diagnostic dolls in more detail than 'they were used by women who didn't want to be/weren't allowed to be examined by male physicians'? (Pic = @RCPmuseum@twitter.com S179)

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Suspect this only helps me, but I wanted a webgui for transforming globs of text into JSON that I could feed into software.


Son cooked us a delicious (and special treat) @BegumNadiya@twitter.com breakfast this morning

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were glorious fun @AITPLeamington@twitter.com

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