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Looking forward to watching @GBMofficial banquet tonight, was lucky enough to attend accompanying this book loving boy thanks to @scoop_the_mag , amazing food & glorious atmosphere what an evening!

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The amazing @ostephens@twitter.com weaving his Introduction to @OpenRefine@twitter.com magic online specially for @britishlibrary@twitter.com colleagues as part of our @BL_DigiSchol@twitter.com Digital Scholarship Training Programme this week! Keepin' the🧠tickin'👍 .

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I have been whiling away the lockdown making a booknook, and it’s now complete! Hope you enjoy! @terryandrob@twitter.com @PratchatPodcast@twitter.com @rhipratchett@twitter.com

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Just blogged about the article I published with Gethin Rees about the @BL_DigiSchol@twitter.com Season of Place - training BL staff in all things hope you find it useful! blogs.bl.uk/digital-scholarshi @britishlibrary@twitter.com @BLMaps@twitter.com @aboutgeo@twitter.com @ostephens@twitter.com @nottinauta@twitter.com @TommyID83@twitter.com

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Great morning performing for @mcrchoralcomp@twitter.com with @singitloudchoir@twitter.com

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SPICE GIRLS before lunch from Sing It Loud Community Choir @mcrchoralcomp@twitter.com

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The stage is set for the @mcrchoralcomp@twitter.com at the @RNCMvoice@twitter.com! 16 choirs performing throughout the day, so much to look forward to! 🎶

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software is the future of science. Thanks to everyone who joined us for our meeting on the challenges and progress of open source in accelerating research

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The perfect date... 🌹

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Disorganized email is the best email. This paper shows putting email in folders wastes 11 minutes a day on average. People who use folders take more time to find stuff compared to people who use search, and have no higher accuracy in finding what they want.

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Amazing work presented by @EstherDuesberg and colleague, both from Max Planck Institute for the History of Science “Digital sources and research data: linked and usable” Warning: CIDOC/RDF on board

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In 2019 BNE ecnriched 80K+ authority records with data from then mapped BNE IDs with Wikidata IDs from VIAF dump. @3186Ricardo notes concerns about Wikidata - ignores P737 (influenced by)

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Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ software projects used by thousands of scientists daily bit.ly/34YhzX1

V pleased to say this includes OpenRefine - so looking forward to working on this. We're going to be working to attract new contributors by improving documentation, and implementing a new data model to improve the scalability, transparency, and reproducibility of OR workflows.
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Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ software…

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Son has an excellent stash of bday books , the Illustrated World of Mortal Engines is pretty glorious, no wonder he was always coveting it whenever we visited @warwick_books@twitter.com

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