Everyone else out of the house. Right let's get down to work! But first a coffee. And check the news. And Facebook. Oooh and Twitter. Hmmm - what was I doing again? Probably time for another coffee...

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PS I’d love to come and give a performance in your local book shop / library / arts centre / pie shop - please feel free to make recommendations x twitter.com/kyledevans/status/

First w/e of the school holidays almost done. I’m already slightly dreading the remaining 7 weeks :(

The more I think about the Loki finale the less sense it makes and the more irritated I am by this!

Cheered and uplifted by the last episode of We Are Ladyparts

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is hiring one Java / JavaScript Junior Developer to implement Structured Data on Commons functionalities in OpenRefine.
This is a 8 months paid contract.

More details on OpenRefine blog: bit.ly/3qXWGrd

Bs parents consultations tomorrow evening. We get 3 minutes per teacher. We never know what to ask - does anyone?

Half filled with some garden waste (RIP Xmas tree) and turf + waste soil. Ordered some decent (I hope!) organic compost for the top layer @ Leamington Spa, Warwickshire instagram.com/p/CQ3oPHjFldL/?u

I was sad to notice yesterday (while reviewing some of my old demo / hack projects) that the "Designing Shakespeare" images and interviews seem to have bitten the dust :( Searching for information I found this tweet and thread. Digital archives like this need funding
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Anyone know whether it's still possible to access the Designing Shakespeare project archive which was hosted by RHUL? I've been chasing broken links all over. …

Thanks to @damyantipatel for tidying up my hair over lunch - feeling more presentable now

If you were looking for a choral take on aerosmith, I have just the thing (a lockdown collaboration between the choir I sing in @singitloudchoir and a local orchestra @WarksSymph) youtu.be/mdW9xJQMYUY

Fb has reminded me that it was one year ago I took delivery of timber to build a deck. There must be something in the air in June as I’m expecting a delivery of more timber this week - this time for a new raised bed

Pleased with the work I've done this morning, but lacking anyone to give me appropriate praise and sadly @damyantipatel isn't here to say "well done" hence fulfilling my dog-like neediness

Tried going outside but it’s too hot. Hiding inside now

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Sarin, DeWitt & Rosenburg, Overview of SHARD: A System for Highly Available Replicated Data, Technical Report CCA-88-01, Computer Corporation of America, May 1988

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Enjoying a beer with one on the nicest not-librarians I know & @wbk500 Your critical voice will be dearly missed in land dear @lukask

Happy retirement to @lukask! Always a pleasure to see you and it seems far too long since that last happened

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