Left the house for the first time in 10 days this morning. So nice to be out at @CharlecoteNT

Has anyone got examples of good “dashboards” in computer applications/services that give user easy access to key information?

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The inimitable @giugimonogatari tells us about her experience on our @IoCoding funded Computing for Cultural Heritage trial and her final project for @Birkbeck_CS! blogs.bl.uk/digital-scholarshi

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Pretty extraordinary - Tom Lehrer, aged 92, has decided to put all his lyrics and sheet music into the public domain, before he passes away. tomlehrersongs.com

Feeling a bit out of sorts and tired today :( Anyone got anything fun/interesting for me to look at to distract & amuse me?

B is working on computer animated charter marks based on The Old Kingdom series by @garthnix. Next step is to make them part of a cloak

Day 1 of “self isolation” for F today after a confirmed case of Covid at school :(

I must know more than one person who would be a great fit for this job :)
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Job! Help LibraryThing find a bookish genius and win $1,000 in books. blog.librarything.com/main/202

Listening to Bach violin sonatas and partitas. Just lovely

Not sure how I feel about the lyrics “I want to go fast not steady” in the latest song F(9) has written

Just watched Just Mercy - powerful film with strong performances from Michael Jordan and Jamie Foxx and supporting cast. Feels awfully relevant to today. A hard watch but recommended

Found out this morning F bypasses the fact that she can’t use YouTube by pasting the YouTube link into a Kahoot! quiz. (obviously this makes me immensely proud & mildly concerned at the same time)

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Librarians, how well and fully can you read and interpret a MARC record?

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Academics, lecturers, students, researchers. please sign and share the open letter requesting an urgent investigation into academic ebook publishing practices academicebookinvestigation.org

We can't help you if we cannot purchase ebooks for your course twitter.com/Hohojanna/status/1

I don’t have a favourite gif and can’t even imagine having one but this thread has made me laugh and smile this morning (and taken up far too much time)
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I need your VERY favorite gif. No, not top 10 or top 3. The last gif you would post before your last dying breath. You get one. Gif it to me.

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