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Every candidate list for every constituency has now been published!

Volunteers have worked through them, double-checked them…

🎉 And we can announce that there are 3,323 people standing at on 12 December! 🎉

Find your candidates at WhoCanIVoteFor.co.uk

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The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative awards USD 200,000 to through the Open Source Software Projects Essential to Science program 🎉🎉 @cziscience@twitter.com Press Release ow.ly/SuDo50xaQxq 👈 Our Announcement: openrefine.org/blog/2019/11/14 👈

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Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ software projects used by thousands of scientists daily bit.ly/34YhzX1

V pleased to say this includes OpenRefine - so looking forward to working on this. We're going to be working to attract new contributors by improving documentation, and implementing a new data model to improve the scalability, transparency, and reproducibility of OR workflows.
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Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ software…

Looking for examples of excellent documentation for applications - does anyone have great examples?

Sing it Loud’s next concert- 30th November in St Mary’s church Warwick. Raising money for the Cleft Lip and Palate Association @CLAPACOMMUNITY@twitter.com @ St Mary’S Church instagram.com/p/B40ISQmltgX/?i

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Son has an excellent stash of bday books , the Illustrated World of Mortal Engines is pretty glorious, no wonder he was always coveting it whenever we visited @warwick_books@twitter.com

Eventful birthday for B as we broke down on the way to his bday meal, but thanks to the AA and nice people at Ask in Cheltenham still had a great meal. Now (unexpectedly) train home

Screaming at KBART. WHY WHY WHY? Now sobbing :``(

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Announcing a programme of @thecarpentries@twitter.com Library Carpentry workshops at @EdinburghUni@twitter.com, hosted in collaboration with @natlibscot@twitter.com, @CRC_EdUni@twitter.com, & @edcarp2@twitter.com.
Workshops on Python and R for Libraries, OpenRefine, and more.
Book a place (UoE login required): events.ed.ac.uk/index.cfm?even

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A few weeks ago @Lottewilms@twitter.com spent a week in Qatar to co-write a book in five days. The book titled 'Open A GLAM Lab' is launched today!

Read everything you ever wanted to know about opening, maintaining and innovating through GLAM Labs here: lab.kb.nl/news/open-glam-lab-b

F doing some Python for the first time. Tutorial uses an apostrophe in print statement to show how to escape it. F decides “that’s too much fuss” and just writes the word out in full without the apostrophe instead :D

New (since we last came) Egyptian gallery @BoltonLMS@twitter.com declared “awesome” @ Bolton Library and Museum Services instagram.com/p/B4FUb0eFA5g/?i

After three days intensive meetings & 12hrs travel yesterday trying to decide if I should go back to bed for a bit or go to a coffee shop & relax for a bit

Back in the UK but not home yet. And left coat on Eurostar :(

Waving to @toblerowl@twitter.com as I speed through Belgium

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