Swam a kilometre this morning. V pleased with myself :)

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Today is apparently so here’s a poem in an Excel spreadsheet.

Productive morning in the garden but tired out now

Brilliant episode of the Hit List this evening - so tense! Then Strictly - not sure the judges were always watching the same dances as us but AJ, Rose and John all brilliant

RIP Rick Jones. Fingerbobs and Play School were both tv staples of my childhood

Exciting purchases from @warwick_books (books by @FryRsquared, Adam Rutherford and @kyledevans ) instagram.com/p/CUzu6vFM0pX/?u

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Sharing my final blog post (updated) as @BL_Labs manager for almost nine years at the @britishlibrary @BL_DigiSchol, now moving onto new projects in Estonia...blogs.bl.uk/digital-scholarshi

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| Thanks to everyone who shared our appeal to find Graham Stone from Stockport - we are pleased to report he has been found safe and well.

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If anybody has any information about our colleague Graham Stone from @Jisc, who has gone missing in Manchester - please do get in touch with @gmpolice ASAP. twitter.com/gmpolice/status/14

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Last RT please RT. Share widely. Hope you are ok, Graham. Library twitter is sending you love.

Sneezed and sniffled my way through yesterday. Today starting in much the same way

Can’t quite believe it’s still nice enough to eat breakfast outside this morning (not very sunny but dry & mild)

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Do I know any data librarians?

I’d like to speak to a few to understand what the role is, how data librarians work in different settings and to start to build a picture of how data librarians might help us @DefraData.

Thanks :-)

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For many years I have been posting little observations on here. What you may not know is that for many years, artists have been illustrating them - for no reason other than they wanted to respond. Below is a thread of some of these beautiful drawings, because they should be seen:

Struggling to find a song for my singing lesson - I’ve been told to choose something up tempo rock and I want something that is interesting to sing. Any suggestions?

It was that little bit darker and little bit cooler this morning. Reminder that early starts are not so pleasant once it’s dark and frosty!

Third day of minor stomach upset. Feeling sorry for myself

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