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If anyone has recommendations for good folk who can make illustrations and/or data to tell stories holler. Sorta like the Sir Ken Robinson approach

The with @mischiefcomedy is absolutely brilliant, bargain at £10, and tonight’s improvised movie “Careless Whisper” an 80s musical set in a library was tailor made for forty-something librarians! @damyantipatel

Possibly the least convincing bit of spam I've ever recieved

Irritated by son’s computing homework which makes a complete mess of storage unit sizes (how many bytes in a megabyte?)

I see we've reached the screaming and shouting part of the week again :(

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We're hiring! If you're looking for a role as a Python developer, working remotely in the UK, send us your CV. You'll get the chance to work with data, with Open Source, and support improving the access to all the world's knowledge cottagelabs.com/jobs

Thought it was weird the band at the inauguration were playing "God save the queen" until I remembered they are actually playing "My Country, Tis of thee"

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What do you call this information about a book? What would a normal person not in the book industry call it?

Embroidery inspired by mediaeval manuscript marginalia. I’d say except that if you work with mediaeval manuscripts I guess they might be work etsy.me/39BkmJG

Finding myself completely unable to focus at the moment :(

Very pleased with how these sourdough discard (savoury) pancakes worked out @ Leamington Spa, Warwickshire instagram.com/p/CJ5_6nbFvur/?i

I joined for the first time last week and can recommend if you enjoy a cryptic crossword
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Never fear, is here to improve this terrible week with some crossword-based distraction! Join us at 12 noon GMT 🕛twitch.tv/crypticsunday

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm exhausted

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