Great evening at @BanburyMuseum learning about neuroscience

“Our Welsh language map is based on the community edited OpenStreetMap and Wikidata databases […] We really encourage people to contribute to these datasets.”
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BLOG: We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve been working with @transport_wales to investigate language , and route finding. This is what we found -

After an intro session on Sunday did my first proper swim @compton_verney with @Do3Coaching this evening

Perspective on "openess" in library software (and elsewhere) from Sebastian Hammar of @indexdata with particular reference to the project that has taken up most of my time for the last 5 years, @FOLIO_LSP

Looking for some good news this morning if anyone has any to share?

First open water swim at beautiful Compton Verney this morning. Enjoyed it and planning to go again

Sliced through the cable that brings tv, telephone and internet to the house :(

“How was your English comprehension test?” “Fine - I memorised the crown copyright statement on the back of the paper - do you want to hear it?”

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Public Service Toot:
#OpenRefine is a must-know for everybody who needs to clean worksheet-size datasets! And c'mon, who doesn't?
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Went to see the musical Waitress in Oxford last night (a belated birthday treat). Definitely recommended (a lot of understudies stepping up last night and doing an amazing job). “She used to be mine” is an absolute highlight but hard to top Lucie Jones’s version from the west end which I think is just amazing and has me in tears every time!

If anyone else is dipping their toes into Mastodon I’m @ostephens (profile over there

I had completely forgotten that I'd setup some cross-posting from Twitter to here - and so apologies to everyone who has replied/interacted here while I've been focussed elsewhere

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Do you use OpenRefine? Then help us by filling in our two-yearly user survey.

Back to work today but not really feeling like it tbh! Coffee first I think

Via @damyantipatel can’t recommend this enough Asma Khan speaks so brilliantly and is completely captivating
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B picked a cold night for his bronze Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition. Hope he was warm enough!

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