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Announcing a new web resource: the Balanced Value Impact Model. Visit BVIModel.org for free to use exemplars, implementations, templates, a bibliography and a glossary of the BVI Model.


Forcing myself to face the world this morning even though I really don’t feel like it :(

David Stephens 1943-2020. Our amazing Dad passed away on Sunday morning. He was so caring, interested in everything, clever, witty & an inspiration for me - without him I wouldn’t be who I am or do what I do. Feeling… instagram.com/p/B7BzCIhF5eQ/?i

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Friends who enjoy , does anyone have a favorite video guide about OpenRefine's cluster tool?

So many choices...

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Disorganized email is the best email. This paper shows putting email in folders wastes 11 minutes a day on average. People who use folders take more time to find stuff compared to people who use search, and have no higher accuracy in finding what they want.

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It’s that time again. To be forswunk (13th century) is to be exhausted from overworking. To be foreswunk is to be exhausted before you even begin.

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TheyWorkForYou is currently operating without dedicated funding, and that’s a problem. In order to keep it running for the next twelve months, we’re going to need help. Please donate to our crowdfunder: crowdfunder.co.uk/theyworkfory (and if you can’t, please share). Thank you!

Going to see @JohnFinnemore at Bloomsbury theatre today and v excited!

Waving goodbye to and Hamburg. Heading to airport

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Amazing work presented by @EstherDuesberg and colleague, both from Max Planck Institute for the History of Science “Digital sources and research data: linked and usable” Warning: CIDOC/RDF on board

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