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Help me, people in my computer! Does anyone know of anyone who's written about Chinese diagnostic dolls in more detail than 'they were used by women who didn't want to be/weren't allowed to be examined by male physicians'? (Pic = @RCPmuseum@twitter.com S179)

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"The project has also been a great opportunity to test what OpenRefine, Wikidata’s Query Service and ArcGIS Online are capable of by pushing them to their limits. The results have been very impressive with OpenRefine being a great software for uploading edits to Wikidata" twitter.com/emcandre/status/11

We’ve started work on a MarcEdit lesson. If anyone has comments on the content and structure be good to hear from you at github.com/LibraryCarpentry/lc

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Pleased that our piece on platform charging for digital collections was picked up by THE: Library collections; navigating the payment for access minefield bit.ly/2lFKo9B (OA version): bit.ly/2lJBisf

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Thanks to @warkslibraries@twitter.com leamington , the mandarin lesson was a huge success with the kids today

Richard Ayoade on R4 just now making me laugh out loud “For me Lucozade was a savoury drink”

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Capping a signal at three thousand four hundred hertz didn’t significantly impact intelligibility for many men, but it certainly did so for most women, because it removed a significant portion of the sonic information critical for consonant identification. newyorker.com/culture/cultural

All trying to adjust to our new morning routine with B at secondary school. Hardest for F who is missing her big bro :(

“B… tackled Harvard referencing in English today”. Wasn’t expecting that on his @exploretutors@twitter.com feedback today!

Tentatively re-engaging with work after 2 weeks off …. scared to open my email!

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Suspect this only helps me, but I wanted a webgui for transforming globs of text into JSON that I could feed into software.


Son cooked us a delicious (and special treat) @BegumNadiya@twitter.com breakfast this morning

Need to reorganise music storage for the choir I sing in. Any suggestions for suitable storage containers/boxes that will last, suitable for music (usually A4), can’t be easily over filled, Stack well & stable?

Resisting “just quickly checking” Slack on the first morning of the first day of my holiday

Long to do list today as it’s the last day before 2 weeks off!

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