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Well look at this! My first real life workshop/training session in nearly two years, working with to improve the use of impact data. Looking forward to running a follow-up in January. But for now, I'm having a rest - I'd forgotten how tiring this stuff is!

I wrote a thing over the weekend 11 top tips for school governors and academy trustees on using data to support governance. Read it here - if I've missed anything, comments welcome..!

Hopefully of interest/use to and others

This is like the opposite of clickbait. I actually did click on it to see if the article was newsworthy.

🚨 Just published a new article on EduClarity - 11 top tips for using data to support governance in schools and academy trusts:

If you're involved in or , hopefully there's some things in here that you'll find useful.

Made this well-snazzy chart for the school ' datapacks that I'm building. Pupil premium %s vs deprivation of school postcode. Outliers are the most interesting, but whole thing is useful to understand context of individual schools. for more deets

Black Friday purchases so far:

* 6 pints milk
* 1 roll of ready-rolled puff pastry
* 2 chip barms

Really productive day of board-related activities. Filming with, school visit, then our strategic board meeting & audit committee. In the middle of all that was our away day, looking at our strategy for next few years. Time for 😴😴😴

Just been interviewed by this pair about being chair of for our promotional video. Thanks for putting me at ease! Also great to get into and see staff and children for the first time in ages!

I feel like this post has been written for me

A Totally Objective Ranking of Every UK Local Authority Logo by

Beyond excited to be this close 🤏 to launching EduClarity - my new venture offering data support & training to and .

Find out more & register deets here:

I would *really* appreciate shares of this!

Really pleased to finally get my certificate for completing my academy trust Governance Leadership programme. Lucky to have been able to take part in this - so much useful information and guidance 🙇‍♂️

Setting up something new, and I'm getting pretty excited about where this might end up...

Calling school governors / trustees. I'm writing a thing about governance and data, and I want to say something like "Governors, by the nature of their profession, are a diverse bunch" but I don't want to use the word 'profession'. What word fits better??

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you bite into caramel Freddo thinking it's a normal Freddo

Eldest lad has to take in 70g of butter for his food tech tomorrow, and this is how he chose to cut it.

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