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I've sort-of been off Twitter for a few months (not a conscious decision - it just happened). I really miss the connections, opportunities and interesting stuff, but not having to mentally deal with all the shit has been liberating. Not sure how to move forward..! Day 10, and still no account, and nothing to say when it's likely to be done. This really doesn't bode well.

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Just read this dreadful article about that some daily mail journalist has vomited onto the internet. It's things like this that remind me how much I want, and others to thrive

Not a great start this, Most accounts set up in 5 mins to an hour, but mine's into my 4th day, and no human response from helpdesk yet.At what point do I give up and go elsewhere?

All liveried up! Get in touch if this is something you're into - Timperley, South Manchester or online (where possible..!).

Hello datafriends! What's the best example(s) of API documentation you've come across for accessing data programmatically. If you have favourites - it's be good to know what makes it so good. 🙇‍♂️

I've put my hexviz on ! Smash that like and subscribe button for more awesome content!

"Inside the club, the air could be spread on toast"

Love this piece about door staff on I used to be well-frightened of the door staff outside Royales. Actually, I wonder if there's a flag...

Show thread This would look a lot better if the buses turned off their transmitter (or whatever it's called) when they weren't in service.

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It's alive! After several failed overnight attempts at pulling, I've finally got an animated map of buses over a 24 hr period in Greater Manchester. Early morning is well-exciting when things start to get going again. 1 second of this is 20 minutes IRL.

It's finally done - data visualisation / sonification of covid case rates in G20 countries up to friday, ready for tomorrow, and the end of the pandemic 💥🦠💥

Thinking of a side project where I do the Gartner hype cycle, but historical. Like when paper was in the trough of disillusion, or telescopes on the slope of enlightenment.

Whoop whoop - it's the weekend before in England! Thought I'd celebrate by making an up-to-date version of my hex-spinner for G20 countries. It's going to take a while to render, but here's the final frame with yesterday's data. This is fine. 🐶🔥

Here's the script that generates this gif

To run it, you'll need the greater manc geojson, and the operator file from . I'll work on getting this on github proper, but hopefully this gives people like enough to go on!

Show thread And here's an animated gif of an hour's worth of bus activity in greater manchester at 7/8pm this evening, one frame = one minute. Next stop - 24 hours 🚌

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Managed to do a bit more messing around with the! Here's a map of all current buses across Gtr Manc (At ~ 21:30), by the company that runs them (sliced to the top 12 companies by number) It's actually pretty interesting who the big players are..! 🚌

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