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I've used to make a map showing the live location of all buses in Greater Manchester. Not sure exactly what to do with this just yet, but it's interesting data to work through (though I'm defo struggling to work with xml in )

Eldest lad had to take some butter to school so that he can make sausage rolls in food tech. It's going to take me ages to make this right.

I don't understand why it's orthodontist and not orthodentist.

Watched Fear Street Part 1: 1994 on last night, and was disappointed to see Calibri as a font choice on one character's computer screen, when Calibri wasn't released until 2007.

At what point do we start calling ourselves the resistance?

We've turned a room of our house into a relaxation/yoga/meditation/massage room, and it's amazing! If you're in the South Manchester area and are after a massage, hit me up - either here or by DM (don't worry though, it's not me that'd do it!) 🧘👐🕯️

I really enjoyed this latest piece from at If you have any interest at all in politics in Manchester (and beyond, actually), it's fascinating reading.

So many of my problems in life stem from the fact that I have a tendancy to try and put too much of something into too small of something else.

Just hosted's webinar - the Power of Data, Environment and Geospatial. First webinar I've hosted, and there's nothing quite like the existential dread of not getting any feedback from the attendee (because it's all turned off). Zoom webinar worked pretty well though.

I'll be hosting a webinar tomorrow morning, all about environment and geospatial data. 9:30 start, and tickets are still available. You should come along!

Yo! are donating big yellow schoolbuses to good causes - the opendata bus could become a reality!

I feel like I'm the only person in the world that doesn't like Shrek.

ugh I'd forgotten how much of a pain in the arse it is to work with election data

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