Been working on data today for EduClarity data reports for school governors & academy trustees, and started to make this map of MATs in England. Not sure where it sits on the interesting - useful spectrum, but an interactive web-based version could be of use, esp with more data

Been looking forward to this for a while - sat down with a cup of tea and's debut album while I get to work on my EduClarity data report. 2 songs in - so far so amazing!

haha imagine being someone tasked with going into our parliament to subvert the processes. You'd just look around and go 'welp, nothing for me to do here'

Wordle 204 3/6


Second day out of isolation, and I've slipped on the wet floor of the foyer of the Trafford centre football pitches, and completely ruined my right hand side from knee to shoulder. Much safer being inside.

Currently working on my first data-related training session for school , that I'll be delivering at end of Jan. That, and my report for governing boards for all trusts & schools in England will be available to book/order from Feb. See for deets!

Spent three hours reading the instructions for this game, and still didn't understand it. 30 youtube minutes later and we're a pair of pros!

Got a slightly-warped record. A 50 pence piece stopped it skipping. Thanks to dad for this knowledge!

I'm having to use PowerBI in a project I'm doing, and I'm not having a very good time.

Made good progress with my data report for school governors & academy trustees. See where I've got up to with the sample rep at this link. Go to EduClarity home page to sign up for more info & please do feedback/share with the school leader in your life!

Hrm looks like this got some people annoyed. I feel like I should clarify that this was for an extra-curricular activity that was wholly voluntary, specifically to teach how to make salmon en croute.

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Eldest lad had to take this into school for food tech today. A 1kg boneless side of salmon! It was chilli con carne in my day.

These pictures in Me and have got most of them, but not sure about some. Help!

Big groups of people on work christmas dos should be made to carry a sign that lets observers know what company they're from along with their SIC code so that I don't spend all night trying to work out what they do only to find out that they are tree surgeons

Well look at this! My first real life workshop/training session in nearly two years, working with to improve the use of impact data. Looking forward to running a follow-up in January. But for now, I'm having a rest - I'd forgotten how tiring this stuff is!

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