Time lapse of the hour following our thirsty peace lily getting a drink on a hot day.

Latest publicly available positive test data at Local Authority level mapped and animated. North West authorities still high, but Swindon also showing up this week. Made with

Has @AnthonyMartial@twitter.com got vantablack boots on?

Been impressed with the couple of things that I've read so far from @ManchesterMill@twitter.com. Well worth checking it out if you're in Manchester and interested in local news.

Trying to add this gif to @LinkedIn@twitter.com to share with my professional network (hah!) but linked in is messing up the timings - pausing at week 28 instead of week 30. This is maddening.

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Positive tests over the last 25 weeks in English local authorities. Those North West authorities really stand out at the end.

confirmed cases week by week in Local Authorities in England, with latest published data from @PHE_uk@twitter.com (today) for weeks 5 to 30. Can see the upticks in Trafford, Oldham, Blackburn, Stockport.

Hrm. Local lockdowns being applied across the North, and the local authority level weekly surveillance data from public health England wasn't published yesterday (usually published on a Thursday). I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I smell a rat. gov.uk/government/publications

My left foot pretty accurately sums up my lockdown. Plantar fascitis in my heel from running, gout in my big toe from over-indulging.

Have @PHE_uk@twitter.com stopped publishing the weekly surveillance reports? Last update was 9th July, previously they were weekly 🤔 😢gov.uk/government/publications

If I employ my family (brother and sister plus partners, dad, etc) can we all get together indoors?

Hey ! I've done a 5k run, pretty slow, but my heart rate is up at 160ish, which seems high. This is typical for me. Is this normal, or am I going to die, or am I a shrew?

Pillar 1 and 2 test rates in England upper tier authorities, using the latest available data from @PHE_uk@twitter.com. Leicester really does stand out. Would be great to get retrospective weekly data, but not sure how likely that is 🤷‍♂️

Updated animated weekly deaths (ie not cumulative) by local authority up to week 25. Really hope this doesn't start to go yellowy-orange again after this weekend's grand opening.

Updated this interactive LA map with yesterday's ONS release. This would be much more meaningful with testing data *shakes fist*. propolis.io/dataviz/covid19/co

Hey folk. Anyone know if it's possible to run a block of piped (%>%) script line by line, without having to mess about unhashing the pipes? 🙇‍♂️

This looks like it'll be really useful - typography in data visualisations is something I struggle with. Thanks @DataVizSociety@twitter.com! excella.zoom.us/webinar/regist

Just done this bike ride (and the reverse, but my crap watch didn't record it) - my first in over 20 years. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but I suspect I'm going to be sore in all sorts of places tomorrow.

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