I really love the @TyntesfieldPTA@twitter.com events, but my absolute favourite thing is that it's tradition for the DJ to finish with General Levy's Incredible. youtu.be/rnAJIsghN_4

Just finished watching Kingsman 2, and put on. Question time is hands down the more ridiculous, less believable of the two.

Love these photos of from the 1960s. Look at the colour of some of the older buildings before they were cleaned up - black with ... soot? fwto.eu/269

Really excited to get my six-year-old his first panini football sticker album today πŸ‘

1. It's not a sticker album, it's cards 😑
2. It comes with a 20 page rulebook 😠
3. THERE'S NO @MUFC@twitter.com IN IT 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Still, he was mega-excited that @Cristiano@twitter.com was in his 2nd pack

Had a great morning today at @thebollin@twitter.com open day, talking to prospective parents about the school and @inspirelearnMAT@twitter.com. Hopefully they liked what they saw - the children were beautifully behaved while we did the tours, as were the chickens. πŸ“πŸ”

Poll time! What's the best program on TV/netflix?

Back home after another great day with the @YouthareUnited@twitter.com crew. Such a great bunch of people - doing really valuable work!

Hahaha. Look at this old bust that looks like me in the marine society HQ.

Worked out what Labour's problem is - there's no generic noun. You can say "He's a Tory", or "She's a Lib Dem", or "They're a Green", but you can't say "I'm a Labour". I propose using "Labourino", as in "I'm a Labourino". Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Realised that I have a completely different morning routine when I have to travel. Normal days in Manc I eat nothing until midday, and drink tea and water in the morning. When I go to another city, I have cappuccino, mango and pastry. Makes me wonder which is the real me.

Got Final Destination 5 on in the background while I do some work, and was distracted by this glaring error - no space between Debbie White's forename and surname. Might send it to IMDB to add to their goofs section, but I'm not sure they'll be interested.

Rainbow in Sale. Also, outside is a very strange colour. Photo doesn't do it justice.

Just found out that there's a place in Haringey called Harringay. Seems unnecessarily confusing.

Looks like Lefty's finished - Righty still a bit to go. For anyone that knows about these things, I have questions. Do they fit bathrooms and kitchens as they go up, or do they do it in a oner at the end. Also, how does that crane get down off the top?

Great conversations today - managed to pop in to see some staff from both schools, update with @thedatabloke@twitter.com , @opendatamcr@twitter.com chat with GM Population Health team, and a catchup with @ejanderton@twitter.com - all good stuff!

I guess that's a measure of the success of @openbenches@twitter.com - went to an RSPB reserve at Coombes Valley near Leek and got some benches. Came home to add them, and they're already there! I'm cross and happy at the same time. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€ openbenches.org/bench/1935/ via @openbenches@twitter.com

Look at how annoying this is. My neighbourino must have some sort of Bluetooth device, and my idiot 'smart' TV is picking it up. Nothing I can do about it. 😠

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