Done! This has been on my todo list for so long it's started to smell. Deprivation profiles for Welsh Local Authorities, in A3 poster form: Get the hi-res png here if you want to print it out:

Flipped upside down. Thanks to and for their thoughts.

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So according to these - Blaenau gwent has none of the most deprived areas, but a lot of not deprived areas, while the Vale of Glamorgan has more deprived areas than not deprived areas. I have a feeling they might be upside down, but am not sure... 2/2

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People of Wales! I'm doing deprivation plots for Welsh local authorities, and need some local knowledge. Do these deprivation profiles look right? If a shape has a bigger base, it has more deprived areas. If it has a bigger head, it has more not-deprived areas. 1/2

Is it just me, or is trying to use JSON in baffling? I feel like an absolute idiot that I can't do what I want to do.

Hey! I've just found out about the early bird ticket, which is ace, but I need it in the app, and it's not there. Can I buy an off-peak travelcard in the app, and use that, as long as I get on before 7?

The number of people that sit on the tram like this, getting a free ride, but ready in case the inspectors get on is too damn high. I couldn't cope with the anxiety.

And there it is. The shite-rags will report how desperately sad this is, and do their crappy opinion pieces about this mental health crisis. Then next week they'll choose their next victim. Don't buy them. Don't advertise with them. Don't click through to their poisonous websites

Interesting (to me!) that the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland couldn’t be much further away from Northern Ireland.

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Were you wondering where in the UK the current cabinet members’ constituencies are? If so, then wonder no more - I’ve got your back! Mostly in the south, natch:

I'm watching Demolition Man on some weird TV channel. I've seen this film maybe 15 times, and in this version they've overdubbed mentions of Taco Bell with Pizza Hut!! What the hell???

I feel like I've seen somewhere a table of local authorities, along with their % reduction in budget over the last few years, but I can't find it. Has anyone else seen it / know where it is?

To interpret the profiles, the shape of each profile indicates whether a local authority has more deprived areas (a wider bottom), more less-deprived areas (a wider top),or a more even spread (more rectangular in shape).

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🎺🎺🎺Scottish Government published the updated Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation last week, and I've updated the deprivation profiles with the new data..! Thanks to and scripting, it was a doddle to update (apart from Illustrator's confusing text handling 👿 )

On way to Edinburgh for PublishMyData user group. Stunning colours on the east coast!

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