Just found out that Mrs Elf in Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is voiced by Mr Brittas's secretary, Julie, in the Brittas Empire. 🀯

Tis the season! @swirrl@twitter.com Christmas do at the amazing @Dishoom@twitter.com. Everybody say "LINKED DATA!" Happy Christmas everyone! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

Just told my youngest lad that he had one of his socks on upside down. Watching him try to put it back on the right way up before he realised they're different socks was pretty funny.

Ace that this @GMCAdigital@twitter.com children's soc care data project has been funded as part of @mhclg@twitter.com's . Build in an aggregated/anonymised element (*cough* ) & there'll be more beneficiaries than just ! @opendatamcr@twitter.com can help! localdigital.gov.uk/funding/gr

I think I might be watching the worst film I've ever seen. The Humanity Bureau, with Nicholas Cage (as in he's in the film. I'm not sat watching it with him. That would be SUPER-AWKS)

Thank you @FOPFriends@twitter.com for my fabulous bag to carry our haul home from the @tyntesfield@twitter.com Christmas fair!

LATE NIGHT BREAKTHROUGH! The 20 educational establishments in greater manchester with the most road traffic collisions within 1km, over three years - (count in rightmost column) Will highlight these on the map soon.

Got my @Spotify@twitter.com . No surprises, but I don't understand this. What's my voice device? My phone? No way is that 3%

Whirlwind of a day today. So much going on through the day, constant rain, ended up driving for 3 hours and covering about 7 miles in dark rainy very heavy Manchester traffic. Head feels mashed.

For years I've wondered who the idiots are that try and drive past Old Trafford as a match is finishing. Today, I am one of those idiots. πŸ˜”

I've now got accidents matched to vehicle type. Images below are all collisions (left); and all collisions where there was a pedal cycle involved (right). There are a lot.

I hate printers. Can anyone recommend a printer that prints decent quality, but infrequently. Inkjets always seem to go wrong - nozzles messing up, drying up, getting lines. Are laser printers any good (like cheap ones), and cheap to replenish? Help me printy wan Kenobi.

Success at the @thebollin@twitter.com Christmas fair chocolate and bottle-bolas! Lovely to see so many people there helping out, spending money, and having a good time. Good to get down there and kick off the festive period! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„

Progress. Using @OSMGB@twitter.com data instead of Edubase for schools seems to have worked really well - pop-ups applied to schools with name (some blanks though). RTC columns coloured according to severity (yellow = slight, orange = serious, red = fatal).

I pay quite a lot of money each month to get decent broadband. This really isn't good enough @bt_uk@twitter.com

Loving my @GuinnessIreland@twitter.com advent calendar. Not sure what I'll do for the rest of the month though.

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