Went down to the brook earlier on, and it was an absolute torrent, and now this. Hope everyone stays safe, and damage is at a minimum.

Why do people with horses think it's ok to let them shit in the road?

Just found my breakfast in the toaster. It's been that sort of day.

Well that was a thousand times more horrific than I remembered it to be

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Is this how family traditions start? New Years Day beer, curry and Deliverance.

The morning after the night before. Breakfast with Hooky - wish we could do this every day! Thanks again @StreamGm@twitter.com

Kids are finally in bed, so chance now to sit and listen to a bit more @StreamGm@twitter.com before we go up. Done over 16 hours, and it's been absolutely amazing. Thanks to everyone there for contributing to a brilliant new years eve.

Having an absolutely banging time with @StreamGm@twitter.com. The kids are being treated to a musical awakening, and @planetedetroit@twitter.com is playing a blinder. So proud that it's Manchester that's made this awesome event happen!

Got this lot set up for a New Years Eve all day/night kitchen party with @StreamGm@twitter.com, and it's sounding absolutely brilliant. You should defo check out the stream (and donate!) Thanks for putting it on - Happy New Year all! unitedwestream.co.uk/

Hey @statsgeekclare@twitter.com! Do you reckon there's a chance of getting daily-updated covid case rates and deaths by parliamentary constituency?

No star-shaped pastry cutter for the tops of mince pies? No problem!

Crikey. Case rates in Thurrock have gone so high that it I'm gonna have to change the chart on my popup to accommodate 4-figures in the y-axis. propolis.io/dataviz/covid19/ms

A day of mixed emotions. Successfully designed and 3d printed a new end for a pull chord, but our new gazebo has been destroyed by light winds.

Oof. Just looked at my covid map for the first time in a while. Very different to when I last looked at it. Don't know what the answerphone message is - too afraid to listen to it.

Really gutted about the change in rules, but it does seem to be for the best. Whether there's a new strain or not, these charts show worrying increases in cases in many local authorities. Hi-res, searchable version: propolis.io/r_data/fac_line_la

How much of that communion wine are you allowed to have in one go? 🙏

I'd just finished putting together an extra table and chairs so that me, @theopenbirdcage@twitter.com and our kids could have Boxing Day dinner together as that was announced 😭

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