This is amazing. A blog post that combines my two favourite things - and Thanks !

I'm a sucker for these things. Not bad, but quite a wide area covered!

Just got my first ever hangouts spam. Didn't know that was a thing.

Just watched The Hitman's Bodyguard (quality film). It features Manchester. Challenge time - This is the aerial shot - anyone know where this is - I did look on google maps, but couldn't work it out..!

Great strategy session this morning with and - ambitious plans, and a luxury belgian chocolate eclair!

Watching The Beyond. Mildly entertaining until this typo ruined everything.

I've got water in my ear from swimming. When I knock the top of my head, I can hear a drum sound. Just realised that knocking on my knee also results in a drum sound, but knocking the arm of the chair doesn't. This must mean the vibration travels up through my body. Science!

I could spend a long long time looking at these - the terrain at the bottom of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Those trenches and the Bering Abyssal Plain give me the heebie-jeebies.

This was a good takeaway from my time at last night. We do ask people at our meetups to shout if they have something to share, but this feels a bit more accessible (no sales, no recruiters!)

Just had a fantastic evening talking to about the work we're doing at Brilliant workshopping, really good people there, with great ideas. 👍

Doing some prep for my session tomorrow at Not sure what surprises me more - the volume and breadth of work that we do at with so few people, or that consistently makes powerpoint presentations that are >80MB

Great day out in York, talking about floods data and waste management (separate meetings). Huge thanks to for making it easy for me to talk extensively about creating an open standard for tracking waste! 💪🗑️💥♻️

In York today. In a bout of efficiency which has caught me by surprise, I've got two meetings with Environment Agency folk, one with a project, and one with an / one.

Hey! Draw me like one of your French girls!

Had a very realistic dream last night that had commissioned me to do some work, but I missed the deadline, and he was hunting me down to find out why I'd not done it, and it was pretty stressful. Woke up convinced it was real for a bit.

I think I could go to university for three years to study rugby, and at the end, I still wouldn't have a clue. Seem to have a complete mental block for it. 🚫🏈

Good luck to everyone doing the mapping session today with! Looking forward to seeing Greater Manchester getting mapped to within an inch of its life.

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