In Bristol, and I've got chips and gravy. May need to readjust the north-south divide.

Just successfully haggled with a taxi driver πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Oh wow. Rolling into bath spa from London - what an amazing looking town / city! Looks like it might be worth a visit...

Fella on the train next to me has gone to the toilet leaving his phone behind, unlocked. Should teach him a lesson.

Great to meet today at - talking about uniformed youth and maps and data and lava lamp plots and engagement, and how it all fits together!

I wrote a little blog post about the election hack that we hosted at last week. If you want to do something similar in your area, we can give you pointers, and some data!

Off to London this morning, first to meet to talk about and with Then to see this afternoon, and then heading straight across the country to Bristol for an workshop tomorrow.

2 years ago today the bomb went off, took 22 lives, and irreversibly changed countless others. I remember the events unfolding, and the following days, like it was yesterday. Such sadness, but such pride. Keep on being Manchester, Manchester 🐝✊

At this event, Paul Davidson from talking about the types of data that are sloshing around the system. Introductions done at - good and varied group of people here - data people, policy people, and front-line people dealing with homelessness and related issues from a range of organisations - local authorities, central gov, academia & 3rd sector. Follow along on the

And through / civic data work, where I made an animated map of homeless deaths in 2018, using data Interesting not least because it touches on various areas of my work - through, where we provide and support the platform that uses to publish some datasets about

Just hot-footed it across Manc to get to an interesting event today - looking at and data.

Turns out trying to book a hotel in Bristol at the last minute is a challenge when Rod Stewart's in town. Who knew??

So this is what it means to be 42. I'm excited about using my new bamboolagoo toothbrush!

I follow 1,241 people on here. There must be _someone_ not watching Eurovision.

Just got caught looking at my table-mate's phone on this train. When he caught me, I panicked and purposefully, and obviously shifted my attention to his laptop screen.

Had a really good day today with some really talented people from Working with to rapidly turn his designs for displaying genetic information into dynamically-generated charts and pages. Challenging, and tiring..! 😴

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