Buying some isopropyl alcohol to clean my 3d printer bed, and came across this exchange that's really made me laugh.

Just found out that the goblet and fork symbol on plastic means it is food safe, and not dishwasher safe! No wonder all my water bottles are deformed.

My lad had his appendix out over the weekend, so I did what any father would do - made a 3d model of an appendix and printed it as a keyring for him!

Eldest lad had emergency surgery yesterday. He's on the mend now, thanks to all the staff at They've been unbelievable - caring, friendly & brilliant, in spite of the challenges. Love the NHS, and we must do everything can to stop it being sold from beneath us.

This is the most stupid marketing thing. I'm actually cross that I've bought this, now I've found out what it is, and might go for Hellman's next time.

Hey - you can't just cancel the last tram to altrincham without any notice. That's a sign of a poor quality transport provider

At the launch of a new media co-operative in Manchester, by the Interesting stuff. Got my hat on* so if you're here, and want to talk about how and fair use of data can lead to a more equitable society, hit me up!

*I'm not wearing a hat.

You might be interested in this

Remember when I scraped & published metrolink fares data because wouldn't release it? Then we at decided to withdraw it because though we felt it was in public good, it was technically not legal? Well now they've published it!

Just enabled while playing the chrome dinosaur game and absolutely SMASHED my previous high score.

Yo - I'm having problems with my portal - are your DMs open? thanks for the Any Human Heart recommendation! Incredible book - really enjoyed it!

Books! Read on the right, to-read on the left. Managed way more than last year, but feel like I am slowing down 😬

A few councillors, inc, have been doing the ration challenge - only eating food that's given to Syrian refugees in Jordan. Day 6 of 7, and it's been tremendously hard. If you have any spare cash for a good cause, here's the link!

It's an night out with and !

At we now have a lightning talk from about his use of the api to do machine learning on beers that he likes. 🍻

Now is giving us an overview of what goes on at our brilliant open data for communities events, including the DIKW pyramid.

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