Hey @LGiU@twitter.com! Do you have any plans to update your google spreadsheet of local authority political control? docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

This will be amazing. We're doing an @opendatamcr@twitter.com special - digging into the Indices of Deprivation. Find out how they're made & what they're used for, and then we'll get right into the data to see what stories we can tell.
8th Oct - tell your friends! eventbrite.co.uk/e/digging-the

Ah. The "AVAILABLE IF UNOCCUPIED" signs on @virgintrains@twitter.com are causing confusion yet again. 🙄

Got dressed in the dark and have accidentally gone full Marty McFly.

Hey @UKParliData@twitter.com! Is there a reason that @DrPhillipLeeMP@twitter.com has no :partyMembershipEndDate here: api.parliament.uk/query/resour It could be that I've misunderstood the data model? Or maybe it takes a while to update? Or is there a formal process to switch parties? TIA!

I have an idea for a headline if any journalists want to use it:

The Joi of (knowingly accepting funding from someone who was convicted of underage) Sex.

Just had to get involved in a four-way magpie brawl in the garden. Me and a brown bird managed to break it up before any real damage was done. 💪💪💪

@ONSgeography@twitter.com @UKParliData@twitter.com All munged in lovely , and visualised with awkward

Work in progress - looking at geo distribution of MPs voting in that withdrawal agreement division the other day - it's surprisingly complicated to do. Constituency boundaries from @ONSgeography@twitter.com, division data from @UKParliData@twitter.com, and their sparql endpoint to match MP to ONS code

Yo @ForChange_Now@twitter.com! What colour would you use for identifying your constituencies on a map. (eg Labour is red, Conservative blue, etc). You aren't on this wikipedia page (unlike, for example, the Church of the Militant Elvis Party) 🤔en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedi

Just found out there's a band from Manchester called @whytehorses@twitter.com and they're releasing a cover of Ça plane pour moi (which is ace), and now I'm worried I'm living a secret life.

These scatterplots (unsurprisingly) show strong correlation between people in parliamentary constituencies signing the revoke A50 petition, and people signing the no prorogue petition. Not gonna lie, I was hoping for some spectacular outliers.

This is fascinating! Pre-electronic computers on US Navy ships (in black and white times) used to calculate angle & direction for guns to hit a target, taking 25 variables (speed, direction, wind, etc). All done with cams, gears, shafts and differentials. youtu.be/gwf5mAlI7Ug

It's an impromptu @swirrl@twitter.com international summer night out!

There's some people talking about how good what 3 words is in this Indian restaurant, and I'm using all my powers to not go over there and put them straight.

Overall, I'm very disappoined. Would not recommemd.

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