Crikey - not being that familiar with London, I couldn't get a sense of the size of , so I measured the length, and made a route of the same length on a map of manchester, and it's like queuing from Old Trafford Cricket Club to Manchester Cathedral. That's a long way.

I really like's strapline: Preserving the past | Recording the present | Informing the future

Happy ! What better way to celebrate than having a group of rescue elephants eat a pile of fruit with your family's name on it! Thanks!

At what point do we just stop paying? It must be soon, right? Surely we can't have profits increasing and bills increasing - that can't be sustainable, economically or socially.

If you're involved with a school or know someone who is, I'd be grateful if you could share this tool with them - find academy trusts near you, to help prepare for the school's white paper requirement for all schools to join an academy trust by 2030. 🙇‍♂️

There can't be many more pleasing noises than the sound in films when a doctor removes a bullet from someone and drops it in a metal tray.

I'm surprised that quicklily isn't a word. Same with fastly.

Hey! I'm trying to send a support email, but struggling is everything ok? I have the integration, and want to hide certain content from logged-in users only, is this possible? Thanks!

It's local authority dingbats time! What LA's are these?

1. 👴🐖
2. 🚪
3. 👂🧼
4. ☀️🦡🏠
5. 👩‍🍳🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾
6. 🏉
7. ❤️
8. 🪄🏷💰
9. 🦊👩‍🏫
10. 🧠🌳

Answers later on!

Finally! A hot day and I remember that iced coffee is a thing! A delicious, refreshing, caffeiney thing.

We should have a service level agreement with the government, and we can withhold some of our taxes if they are underperforming

It hadn't occurred to me that you could pay for advertising space on coins, but here we are.

What would happen if all these MPs and PPSs etc didn't resign from government, but actually stood down as MPs? Would it trigger a swathe of by-elections? That would be good. But maybe a bit too much of a sacrifice for themselves.

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