I'm so confused. Where does Eurovision feature in the culture wars?

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Made a bunch of different-coloured map-markers, and this one reminds me of someone.

Made a heatmap of all schools in England. Stay tuned for more insights into the educational landscape 🤪

Oof. In 'Tory Trafford' the conservative party has won 3 out of 22 seats.

Just had a great session from our @inspirelearnMAT@twitter.com safeguarding trustee, looking at our approach to safeguarding in our trust and schools. A mixed group of governors and trustees in attendance. So important that we go well beyond compliance, and I'm glad to say we do.

So sad for the person involved and their family. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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Tragic train journey home tonight from London on the 17:33 to MCR. @AvantiWestCoast@twitter.com - you should know that your train manager was brilliant - gave us regular, useful updates, and made sure everyone was ok and got on replacement train. Well done to you all for handling it so well.

Delighted to have met the actual drunk fighting octopus in real life today

Managed to do a bit more on the resources page on @EduClarityHQ@twitter.com website - things are really starting to come together! If you are a school governor or academy trustee, please do sign up here for infrequent updates... educlarity.co.uk/home#register

Family karaoke last night. My songs:

Your Love - Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle;
Ebeneezer Goode - The Shamen;
You'll Be Back - Hamilton the Musical

Productive day! Spent AM w/ some of the brilliant project leads at @OldhamOA@twitter.com, doing impact workshop. Back with @swirrl@twitter.com/@dataenvagency in the PM moving various data projects forward, and finishing with learning a bit more Cuban salsa with @theopenbirdcage@twitter.com - Dile que no tonight! 🕺

Hrm, my apple mail doesn't convert statistics.gov.scot to a URL, but does convert statistics.gov.uk. Another example of anti-scottish bias,

Bah. I accidentally upgraded @theopenbirdcage@twitter.com 's laptop to windows 11, and really regret it. It's crap. techradar.com/news/windows-11-

First time on a for work in over 2 years, and I see the reservation messages above the seats are still confusing.

In the @opendatamcr@twitter.com office for the first time in a while - signing cheques and acquiring stickers!

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