I've written a blog post that looks at my process (personal, not technical) behind making a visualisation/sonification like this covid19 one, including some versions that never saw the light of day. propolis.io/2021/04/17/the-hig

Just done a 10k bike ride - north to the chemist, and then south to Aldi. Usually something I'd do in the car, but making a conscious effort to get on the bike more - feel like this is a great achievement..! 💪

Happy Ramadan everyone! If you're celebrating it, hope you all have a great month 💪

Social media managers: Initiate protocol 'cancel all scheduled tweets'

Saw this out of the corner of my eye and thought it was the cookie monster

Can't believe I went to Hyderabad a couple of years ago and no-one told me to go and visit the Ministry of Fisheries.

Looks like Big Bad Barry.

I am 75% convinced that @BBC6Music@twitter.com have access to my weekly Spotify discover playlist, and use that to decide their following week's playlist for the morning shows. It's unreal the number of matches there are.

Day 2 of my @thecarpentries@twitter.com instructor training this afternoon / evening. Great session yesterday, and an interesting group of people that I'm being trained with/by.

It's a year since the first lockdown in the UK. Earlier today there was a minute silence in the UK to remember those who've died. I've updated this abstract visualisation/sonification of deaths in G20 countries to mark the occasion. Sound on 🔊.

Hi-res: youtu.be/obKanc7l65c

Put some butter on my potato cake this morning that looked like mainland Europe.

The fake crowd noises on this BBC coverage of the FA cup seems to include the referee's whistles from other games, and it's super annoying.

Just done an excellent diversity and inclusion session with @opendatamcr@twitter.com board, delivered by @ThatGirlVim@twitter.com & @DiverseNett@twitter.com. Grim statistics from their survey on perceptions of race in the GM tech sector. Looking forward to debrief in a couple of wks and getting some actions agreed

Had a few people ask for a version of this animated dataviz / sonification with covid19 deaths, rather than cases, so here it is. As before - sound on 🔊 for the full effect.

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