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if you turn up for gender studies without your gender they make you go through lost property and borrow a sweaty old one :-/

Some #rustlang devs saw it was wrong and made it right.

VSCodium is a MIT-licenced build of Microsoft's VS Code, minus Microsoft branding / telemetry / licensing.


If you absolutely must use VSCode, make sure it's not the worst version of it.

I think it would be nice to help our friends, help each other run social nodes. More blog posts, wikis, services like mastohost. What else?

I can't get any fucking peace in this house

so, i know that some people like follow friday #ff and some people don't

for myself, i'm actually looking for people to follow with socialist/poc/technology intersectional perspectives bc i want to learn from peers in this area

so, please give me some recommendations! also, i'd appreciate this being boosted as well so that i can get some more circulation. in addition, don't hesitate to recommend yourself
: )

Seems it is very difficult to catch a tube at this time of day 9:15

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There were many ideas I had in mind when creating Kith.Kitchen: that it could be more than just a mircoblog; from providing useful tools for finding and creating recipes, to helping people organise around food-related social causes.

With this in mind I'd like to set up a group to help run the project as a cooperative, to keep it sustainable and help realise its potential.

If you're interested in helping, please let me know - no experience required, just a desire to help grow our community!

Wanna have a bit of fun watching people get all confused while revealing society's inherent patriarchal bias?

Refer to your sewing machine as a 'power tool.'

鈥淧hysical abuse is normally preceded by verbal violence. When the language of the elites violates the limits imposed by decency, it causes more and more physical violence. Unfortunately this is not a theory but the reality, as the growing cases of racially and religiously based violence demonstrate"

Pawel Adamowicz - murdered on stage on Sunday in Gdansk

Kill the concept of "RT does not equal endorsement."

Don't share content if you don't endorse it.

Don't spread it. Let it die.

Do not give it a platform.

"Software teams can reduce the environmental impact of device manufacturing, even if they don鈥檛 make devices themselves. Durable software not only saves the expense of frequent product overhauls; it also reduces the temptation of unnecessary device upgrades. Why buy a new handset when the old one works just fine?"

Stuck working from home waiting for a delivery to arrive at an unknown time, while the knobhead students downstairs blast their disgusting bass music, rattling my floorboards.

Privacy is an upper class luxury. You need to have both technical knowledge and a bunch of resources in order to afford it. You can go and shout about privacy all you want and the evils of surveillance capitalism but this won't matter a bit so long wage slavery and capitalism itself is a thing.

Go ahead and be 'private' in your luxury home, with your personal home server and mobile phone that costs more than a months wage in countries that capitalism have wrecked.

**Jailed British-Iranian begins prison hunger strike protest**

"Dual citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to protest for 72 hours over lack of access to medical treatment, husband says."

#news #bot


I watched this at 2 AM and felt like I was having a fever dream. It's rife with meme potential:


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