@pixelpaperyarn well I think `==` coerces instances of Boolean to their equivalent boolean value, whereas `!` doesn't, it just sees a truthy object, so inverts it to `false`. Not that I'm complaining, i just find it interesting some of the weird pointless stuff you can do.

const f = new Boolean(false); console.log(f == !f); // Outputs `true`

@stolas Thing is, I like the general _idea_ of declarative provisioning, but the reality is that there are some things that are best suited to scripting. And also I fucking hate yaml.

Hypothesis: All software provisioning systems are bad

Can anyone recommend free tools for creating UX/UI mockups?

Elin Thomas, UK textile artist who uses embroidery/crochet to create unique work resembling petri dishes and bacteria spores #womensart t.co/B8SRMyEBBt

This is an excellent deep dive into worker-owned coops that are trying to contest power and build #socialism.


#coop #solidarityeconomy

If you want to follow a website that doesn't have an RSS feed, you can use feed43.com/ to generate one for a particular page when it updates. Then you can use bots.tinysubversions.com/ to follow that feed in mastodon et al.

“Game Boys: The ‘gamer’ identity undermines the radical potential of play.”

Nothing really new or startling, but I’m interested in the idea of “gaming” as reproductive labour: channeling the energy of play into forms that mimic the culture of work, and providing a space to perform toxic masculinity.

One of the most useless things you can do in Javascript is surely `new Boolean(false)`

Rights for people, rules for corporations. Add your name to the European Initiative: stopisds.org/?fbclid=IwAR3khu1

ISDS is effectively a corporate court system, which forces national governments to protect corporate interests, and protects corporations from prosecution when they inflict human rights violations.

A European treaty to hold corporations to account is being blocked by rich governments and corporate interests. This petition will be used by unions and social organisations to lobby governments to ratify the treaty.

Sharks are older than trees. 🦈

The first plant species which can be considered a real tree is known as Archaeopteris, and it evolved about 350 million years ago.

The first sharks evolved 50 million years before that!


[UKpol] Yes another toot from me on the Brexit petition 


So are there any libraries out there for parsing/normalising & JSON objects? All the ones I've found seem to be incomplete or not very clear on what they actually do/how to use.

@dredmorbius something like a news aggregator where I can enter a search term and get an rss feed that is updated whenever there's a new article related to that term

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