Life hack if an oAuth app asks for too many permissions on your GitHub profile, just remove (parts of) the "scope" parameter. Not sure why this isn't a built-in feature, tbh. Also works on some other websites with oAuth.

19 days left to upgrade our legacy PHP5.6 codebase running just over a thousand sites... nice to have a challenge

Funny how much UX advice treats the user like a robot. We don't actually care about how they feel, we just want to coerce them into using our product more.

Any folk know of some decent alternatives to reCaptcha? As foss as poss, though i'm open to other suggestions too.

It's , here's me hanging out with my big animal friend.

I'm considering changing my github username... I wonder how chaotic it'll be

Amazing site with lots of links and resources to start learning design, great for students and beginners " - Everything I Learned in Design School"

I'm really interested in starting a little container garden in my new place. See if I can't grow anything edible.

How do I make a webpage look nice? Which is the css rule that makes everything look good?

I'm learning to live with 7 for work reasons, so I've decided to keep a blog about what I'm figuring out

There should be a bot called Neural Milk Hotel that generates Jeff Mangum lyrics

The intent was always to support federation, and there is some very basic event federation already using simple JSON feeds.

Fully ActivityPub support (needed to interoperate with Mastodon) is more complicated, and while the data export is working, we need contributors to help with the pub/sub part of the protocol.

There's an open issue for it here:

Radio Garden, Google Earth for radio streams. This is pretty neat:

...I feel like maybe it was a mistake to travel by bus on a very rainy Saturday night

Nothing like a rainy Saturday night for an impromptu trip to the Tate ☔

Here's an idea: A very generic, highly configurable or similar -based service that allows anyone without coding knowledge to creat their own custom fediverse platform, and make it available for others to further customies & host.

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