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Hi, help! Anyone on here know something about Universal Credit and the service design? Our team are looking at this from a Local Gov angle and would love to catch up with someone if possible. Thanks folks.

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Hivemind: any tips for making a Trello board less overwhelming in terms of visual noise? For example - trello.com/b/uVcQZrhV/dragon-a - cards with just plain text can get lost (SO MUCH INFO) but images on everything can also be a bit more for neurodivergent folk. Anyone have a solution?

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We’re organising a colleague event for October and I’m looking to source a mixture of speakers, trainers and tech companies. More information is below - if you’re interested and/or know someone who might fit the bill please get in touch.

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Poverty hits your cognitive load, executive functions, decision-making and approach to risk. With the cost of living crisis driving so many into poverty, product and service design must help rather than add to their burden. This is part of inclusive design too.

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📄 Do you know your kerning from your baseline grids?

✏️ Do you wrangle bezier curves like a champion?

🎨 Do you live and breathe brand identity design?

👍 Do you want to help housing associations in Wales make a difference?

✅ Yes? Then join us:

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Regretfully we are just minutes away from a wave of lengthy LinkedIn updates and thinkpieces on what the Lionesses' victory means for management/leadership/recruitment/blockchain.

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I think I have seen (related to user research) a useful grid/template to capture what is known, assumed, unknown etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone else or have I imagined it?

Last day of primary school for my eldest! Feeling quite emotional about the end of one chapter and the start of another. 🥲

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I’m on holiday, but ask me about this. Good pay and rations, truly transformative work, and remote with some travel to Wales. We’ll even help you to learn Welsh. twitter.com/cdps_cymru/status/

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On my travels today I found a solar powered bench overlooking Caerphilly Castle. A great place to sit and recharge - literally🤳☀️🔋. Great initiative @CaerphillyCBC@twitter.com / @cadwwales@twitter.com

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On my travels today I found a solar powered bench overlooking Caerphilly Castle. A great place to sit and recharge - literally🤳☀️🔋. Great initiative @CaerphillyCBC@twitter.com / @cadwwales@twitter.com

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Session 3: What does user centred service design look for small to medium sized organisations?

Something about capturing the story here? Can’t remember the peaks if you don’t also have the troughs. Also easier to tell the story to others rather than falling into trap of retrospective coherence.

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Success can be indirect. Can be when people you work with succeed. Can also be a long game.

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Compassion circles - go around in a circle and tell someone what you really appreciate about them. (It’s a bit cringy - but sets a nice tone, especially for remote/distributed work)

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Having a feedback loop is important. Example of a ‘You are awesome’ slack channel which is public to all.

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Where and how and when you celebrate success is really important. Example of celebration taking place whilst someone was frantically stopping thing being celebrated imploding last minute.

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Someone saying that we shouldn’t celebrate when it’s a core part of the job. But overcoming barriers or unforeseen challenges do merit celebration and recognition.

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