Session 2: How to celebrate success (the big & small) to encourage engagement.

Our org has been trying to help people celebrate. Changed a bit since we all used to be remote. Can be harder online to do that.

As a colleague or manager, you can start small to help build this culture.

Some people encourage failure. But better to celebrate the learning.

Can be difficult to communicate nuance with difficult challenges. “Why did it take six months to do this small thing?” “Because we learned loads todo that small change right”

Making engagement sustainable. People just turning up can be a success. They can be very busy doing their day job.

Someone saying that we shouldn’t celebrate when it’s a core part of the job. But overcoming barriers or unforeseen challenges do merit celebration and recognition.

Where and how and when you celebrate success is really important. Example of celebration taking place whilst someone was frantically stopping thing being celebrated imploding last minute.


Having a feedback loop is important. Example of a ‘You are awesome’ slack channel which is public to all.

First column on our retrospective is a thanks column.

Compassion circles - go around in a circle and tell someone what you really appreciate about them. (It’s a bit cringy - but sets a nice tone, especially for remote/distributed work)

Success can be indirect. Can be when people you work with succeed. Can also be a long game.

Something about capturing the story here? Can’t remember the peaks if you don’t also have the troughs. Also easier to tell the story to others rather than falling into trap of retrospective coherence.

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