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I'm looking for frameworks to use in an ideation session to document how a proposed solution impacts different stakeholders (i.e citizen vs government agency). Any folks have frameworks they like? Below is one example, but would love more!

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Looking for anything published on the cost savings of using design systems and share components/platforms in government.

Also on better/shared procurement.

Doesn't have to be UK (better if not).

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It’s official! is opening for applications in 2 weeks! Do you have a shared problem to solve? You can get up to £350k of funding. Find out more here 👉bit.ly/3SFCRBB

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We're hiring!


We're looking for a service designer to join us at Perago.

An opportunity to apply a creative, innovative mix of design methods to uncover insights and find opportunities for outcomes that lead to tangible change.


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I'm coordinating a community listening exercise about how people feel about their area. It involves a survey, general opportunity for a say, and informal conversations. It needs to be done and dusted in four weeks. Any (paid) help welcome! twitter.com/welshflier/status/

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Paging @BruteEmma@twitter.com 📢

Based on previous convo's, I think this would be up your street too. :)

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Here's a link to join the housing patterns Slack. Do get involved. join.slack.com/t/housing-patte

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I'd encourage anyone interested in this space to join our burgeoning slack channel. We hope to create a pattern library for using by housing organisations.


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Health tech twitter friends 🧬

I have a good friend who is a GP, and is interested in careers in Health Tech.

What advice would you give them?
What should they do to find out about the industry?
What kinds of role are available?

Thanks 🙏🏼

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I created this image a little while ago to visualise different ways I've seen Product Teams work.

Someone asked me to explain them a little further...so I shall...(1/8)

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Booking some leave. Which button would you press to submit the request? 🤔

Got into the DALL·E beta this week.

The prompt for this AI generated picture...

"An impressionist oil painting of a cat working in an office wearing a tie"

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ICYMI we're looking for a to join us. Deadline extended to 2 September.

If you care about building better public services, can work with empathy as part of a multidisciplinary, agile team, and help others to do the same, take a look bit.ly/3JCw9ch

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Hey folks. I'm looking for examples of examples of agile in big construction projects. Anyone know anything they can share?

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