…The crucial thing to remember is that it is not the composer who makes the music so much as the music that tells the composer what to do. The composer is like an instrument. We should be conscious that we are dealing with something that is vital and fundamental.’

I was a lemon. But a grieving lemon. (I actually remember reading the interview in a print copy of New Scientist nearly 20y ago - had a big impact on me and often think about how he described his work. Total genius.)

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Oh, and as I forgot to do alt-text originally, the excerpt was: ‘MUSIC, for me, is not just about notes. It is about everything. Music exists before we exist. It is the shaper of the universe. It is the universe itself. It is the primary vibration, the first thing that moves everything else. Everybody understands the language of music, whether they are a composer or not. We do not necessarily need to learn it. We need rather to remember it, for it is part of us. It is deep in our memory…

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The quote there is a screenshot from a blogpost I wrote, which isn't important. If you want to read the full transcript, the link link in the screen shot is here: emportal.info/viewtopic.php?t=

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Testament to how unbelievably busy I was today that I've just realised one of my all-time heroes has passed; his vibrations have gone back out to the universe, I guess.

Absolutely into this for keeping me focused on a drizzly Monday avo! Top notch jazzy deepness :)

Particularly loving the Theo/Dan Kye transition @pezholio@twitter.com

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Had a day off yesterday, so put together a mix of jazz-inflected, slightly leftfield house and other things in the 120bpm range. Expect stuff from the likes of Theo Parrish, Neue Grafik, Jayda G, Floating Points, and more! mixcloud.com/pezholio/music-he

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The Westminster breakfast meet up is coming back ☕️ First one will be Wednesday 25 May 2022 from 0800 to 0900 🍳 Please signup via ti.to/one-team-gov/westminster 🥯

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My new 2-parter, Secrets of Size, starts tomorrow on BBC4 at 9pm. I don't do much TV these days, so when I do I make sure it's REALLY good.

OK, maybe it's not entirely down to me, and one or others have, um, helped out, but it's still REALLY good. bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0017frp

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What’s wrong babe? You’ve hardly touched your jabbacado toast.

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"A Million Grapes I've crushed..." @cameronmaestro@twitter.com (bit early for it tbh...shopping just came)

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Buttercup, Meadow Cranesbill, White Dead Nettle
‘Wild Flowers’ (1957)

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What actually is Data as Culture @ODIHQ@twitter.com? We made a film. Featuring work by many artists and contributions from @joz_freeman@twitter.com @hellocatfood@twitter.com @mrgeepoet@twitter.com @NatashaCaruana@twitter.com @psiconlab@twitter.com @echodeltamoon@twitter.com...
Data as Culture: Interrogating data through art youtu.be/y0GfWnHDbvw via @YouTube@twitter.com

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RT for civic duty

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More benzodiazepine nuts, wrong-speeders, slow glow & joyous jams.
What else to do on a glorious day with a category 4 hangover ?
Annoy the neighbours, bewilder the BBQers, or administer however you see fit. ❤️

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With crypto crashing, hopefully to zero, we have a potential ~0.1 Gt-CO2 per year savings in greenhouse gas emissions on the table.

Cool. That’s 10,000x larger than all the world’s carbon capture technologies to date. And it could happen immediately.

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Recognise that handwriting! @lukeunabomber@twitter.com :)


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You can now buy a box by Roland that has a TR-808, TR-909, TR-606 and the TB-303 all in one for 175 quid!

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