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I'm still amazed by how much dynamic range there are in modern camera sensors, even mine which is 7 years old was able to get a workable picture from this. You can see the final image on Flickr - there is quite a bit of noise in there, but only if you super zoom in. 🤯

Even though I probably made most my money last year writing Python code for clients, I really don't enjoy it. No disrespect to those who do like it, it's just a personal thing as it just doesn't match how I like to think about problems.

I've had a few weeks writing in Swift, with its more declarative form, and today I am back at Python and finding it immediately frustrating. I suspect I need to put more effort into finding new work again, leaving Python gigs for those who actually enjoy it.

The Open Source Hardware Summit speaker schedule is up, and is looking good. It's a virtual event if you want to watch, or the videos will be published online for free afterwards I understand:

I finally have an excuse to try out Swift on Linux, and it's working quite well.

Package support is mixed, but that's to be expected, but otherwise so far it's been a pleasant experience.

Normally I'd use Go for this sort of project, but I have an iOS client project as well, so this lets me just keep one active syntax in my head :)

dxw are looking for a Javascript-focused developer to join our team. Closing date is TOMORROW, so get those applications in if you want to join an awesome public-service-focused employee-owned team building great digital services!

If you went down to the woods on Friday, you'd have had a big surprise...

Friday's . From Kirkby station down to St. Chad's curch for 's , then back to Liverpool on the greenway & through Croxteth Hall woods

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After over a decade of being a Mac user, a couple of years ago I switched to Windows (via Linux).

Today, for work reasons, I'm briefly using a Mac as a daily driver again, and it's been hugely frustrating: it's amazing how much of computer use comes down to muscle memory.

This used to feel like home, but now is a foreign land.

We're looking for a new developer to join dxw, with a focus on Javascript. Come and join our employee-owned team, you'll love it!

Anyone have any recommendations for email hosting for a small business (own domain, handful of accounts) that isn't just Google? Green infrastructure and/or co-operative options would be ideal...

More fun publisher surveillance:
Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata that is *unique for each time a PDF is downloaded*, this is a diff between metadata from two of the same paper. Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

Enjoying playing dysmantled - a top down scenery and zombie basing game that doesn’t require much brain and has local co-op so my partner and I can play together.

I've started a new contract with the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C), where I hope to be doing some work on trusted recording of climate data - but for now it's mostly fun to be part time staff at the University again :)

My first task though was trying to understand the smart contract system 4C plans to use just as a broader understanding of the space, and I thought I'd write up what I've learned as I go.

@virtualwolf had a look at your Flickr, that’s some awesome paint work!

Ending a tour of maintenance duty.

In the last couple of years I've been contracting a day or two a week for a company running software that I helped create over a dozen years prior.

It's kinda weird doing a git blame and seeing a much younger me was responsible :)

Having got them to a better place, and paying off a bunch of tech-debt, it's time to bid them farewell again. I guess I should just pencil in a similar stint for 2030->2032...

I was asked to submit a passport type photo for an access card for a new contract. I used my mirrorless camera for the job, and then threw away 99.8% of the information - sledgehammer meet walnut…

Reading this morning's post headlines, I get the feeling that /. is gearing up for a race off between climate doom vs linux on the desktop: which will happen first?

A week in the shop: after months of being just a CAD model, my Älgen guitar design finally begins to take form!

Found this great video demonstrating some of the advances made in terminal emulators in the last decade. I didn't know about some of this stuff.

A week out the shop: Santa delivers some exciting 3D prints, and I spent some time refining my CAD models for better product renders.

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