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I spent a bit more time playing with my x86 bootloader, which I now have loading PCX image files from the disk 🤦‍♀️

Basically moving beyond the MBR now.

It's been an interesting exercise learning about BIOS routines and x86 real mode, inspired by a lot of the permacomputing/collapse and discussions I follow on Mastodon.

Need to write up what I have learned before I forget it all again :)

Deciphering serial protocols and lighting up bikes - the latest : Week 832 - Lights! Static and Mobile

FInally realised how I was holding int 13h wrong 🤦‍♀️

Trying out milk carton with segments after this week's Plastic Tactics at DoES Liverpool earlier today

@philgyford apparently we spent last week within a few miles of each other :)

Jag lär mig svenska och x86 asm samtidigt, och undrar vilken som behöver ett alt konto mer :)

@djsundog As a guitarist I play blues and a little jazz, but currently I’m listening to a lot of hip hop. Can you think of any crossover I could listen to, beyond say the Bestie Boys doing their jazz thing (e.g., Root Down, or The Mix Up), or perhaps even middle period Radiohead (mixing electronic beats with guitar/bass)? It’s frustrating not being able to translate what I know how to play to what is rattling around my head.

Apple recommends motorcyclists get Android phones - I mean, to most motorcyclists, giving up the bike isn’t a solution :)

Internet - tell me your recommendations for ergonomic keyboards that work for Mac (ideally split, no num pad, not ludicrious price)

Well, if the shot on the DSLR doesn’t work I at least have this shot

I made some burger buns. The egg glaze went a bit darker than I’d have liked, but the texture is 👌 First time I’ve done the Hokkaido milk starter thing.

@Floppy did you give Elite Odyssey a try? If so, 👍 or 👎?

Pushing forward with the new guitar design: sweating the details of how to put it together, and getting help from the maker community with how to dye 3D printed parts:

New laser cut scrap plywood stems, and more flowers, for my milk carton flower lamp - replacing cable ties.
Wondering how many flowers I'll need to fill a bigger industrial lampshade at the next Plastic Tactics at Does Liverpool


Nice to see that the answer isn't always ML - removing halftone dithering with inverse FFTs:

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