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Yesterday I left the house for 4 hours. That’s the longest time I’ve been away from the house in 4 months.

Some notes on getting started with Hugo static site generator to make the most of its flexibility:

Due to reasons, I had to rebuild my personal site from just a DB snapshot, so I moved it to being a static site with Hugo. I'm quite pleased with Hugo's flexibility and what it's let me do once you stop trying to use someone else's theme.

I made a thing!

Lockdown had given me time to discover old photos, and I had enough keepers from our 2016 road trip I made them into a zine.

I’m enjoying the podcast series at the moment.

My initial response was “well, I know it’s all a broken”, but it’s been good to hear things restated and framed concisely, and that being nagged that it’s all broken isn’t a bad thing for those of us in this industry.

I've reached the point in my life where I want a 🤦‍♀️ key on my keyboard, given the frequency with which I use it

PSA: it’s OK to make tiny positive changes that don’t solve huge problems in one go.

I often forget to report back when things go perfectly smoothly and just work, so

a number of months ago I set up a bitwarden server and swapped all my password management duties to it, away from the commercial service I'd been using, and it's been a pleasure beginning to end, honestly.

I just used @aral 's sitejs in anger (I had to quickly set up an https test server for a static site I was trying to debug), and it just works like magic.

Many thanks Aral!

Wrote to my MP, though it feels pretty unlikely to have any impact.

Realising for things on Band Camp I'm probably going to be forced back to ripping CDs, as many bands don't sell their own digital things outside the big three (Amazon, Apple, Google).

Has anyone attached a CD drive to an rPi and made an auto ripper?

I wrote up a neat trick I picked up from last week: how to develop your webservice locally in a production like environemnt without a lot of tedious service management:

Out the house for my run before 6am so I can catch an
talk before 7am. Younger me would be equal parts disappointed and disgusted :)

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