@alexandra I love this idea, and it makes me nostalgic for resource forks/alternative data streams again, which I still like. In that world I’d pull out the file parts into other streams.

You could fake it by having hidden files that indexed the relevant sections? Essentially do what you propose but cache the data (which you’d also need to purge on update).

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Progress for my new guitar design: testing how to mount 3D prints on wood, and making a start on shaping the walnut that I'll use for the main body.


Inspired by @dajbelshaw, I’ve reduced my personal website’s footprint by migrating a lot of the images to webp


I need to do a Shapeways order to get another prototype iteration 3D printed, but it’s a small part and the postage costs thus become dominant.

Given we’re close to gift season, any recommendations for other gift type prints I can add to my order to make me feel less bad about the postage?

open poll what's your favorite weird cpu instruction

any architecture, any time period.

More monthnotes than , but there's been plenty going on at HQ. Weeks 837-841 - Shipping Plotters and Prototyping New Lights dlvr.it/SCZ5tc

@aral happy birthday! You wear 45 a lot more youthfully than I do :)

@mdhughes there we disagree :) There are valid reasons you may wish to access text content without people on the same network, or your ISP, etc. to see it (mental health, sexuality, etc.). Or is the network just for those who currently have an unthreatened life?

@mdhughes I like the overall sentiment, except the lament about TLS. The internet 30 years ago was less key to people’s lives and less the target of bad actors. TLS is a pain in the butt, but not one we can just wish away.

Talk of video game violence 

@mdhughes I think that's where I fall down a bit - I just fail at playing the baddie :) I end up with virtual world guilt.

Talk of video game violence 

@mdhughes I have been enjoying Generation Zero and Signal from Tölva, both of which are FPSs where you fight robots rather than people.

But really I just like open world explory games where the anatgonist is just an excuse to get you to explore and investigate the terrain rather than something you have to directly confront all the time.

Talk of video game violence 

@mdhughes I adapted a rule a little while ago that I'd not play games where you have to kill people, and it's really quite restrictive.

I'll compormise if I can do a stealth/stun version of the game. Recently I enjoyed Watchdogs 2 for instance, because I could (with the exception of one mission :/) choose to not kill, despite the obvious expectation that I'd shoot lots.

I play RDR2 online with friends as a hill walking simulator, but have not touched the story line.

A lot of photographers think that if they buy a better camera they’ll be able to take better photographs. A better camera won’t do a thing for you if you don’t have anything in your head or in your heart – Arnold Newman
#photography #quote

Judge me all you like, but Deacon Blue's Raintown is something I've listened to multiple times this week, and I don't regret it.

Chorus pedals and stabby synths are all there, but not nearly as cheesy as I thought it'd be given it's getting on for 35 years old.

/me is listening to some twentieth century pre-light-emitting-diode euphoric

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