Finally gave No Man’s Sky a proper go, and it’s quite a nice chill distraction thus far

@balrogboogie apologies for the slow reply - I have to confess I've not been checking here due to too much social media of late. If you do have any questions on guitar stuff and i'm slow to respond, feel free to email me (michael @ domain of blog) to prod me :)

@balrogboogie Depends on the parts. The body shape doesn't matter too much in terms of precision, so any cutting tool will do. I use templates and a hand-router for anything I really need to get right.

A busy week in the shop: putting the new band-saw to good use, the pitfalls of measuring just once before cutting, and a host of smaller updates

A fortnight in and out the shop: I finally get my band-saw, some adventures in pick-guard making, and looking at Fusion 360 for CNCing again.

A week out the shop: laser cutting some cover, doing some exploratory CAD work for a potential client, and (to quote Sheryl Crow) a change can do you good.

I set up my own gitea server on my synology box, and it was wonderfully easy (assuming you know a little bit about docker).

I mostly just followed the steps on the instructions on the last few comments on this thread:

A week in the shop: making lid lips using a router, drilling a lot of holes in one guitar, and wiring up an old strat clone.

Unions; startups; maintenance; the pandemic; public tech; and small spaces - Oct 12th's Interesting Things on the Internet

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@amcewen thanks for the offer, but I need the motivation to fix my own amp properly rather than making do :)

A week in the shop: another demonstration of why you should measure twice, planning pickups for a build, and falling back on my backup amp.

A fortnight in the shop: a tale of two neck builds, fixing up an old guitar, and important lessons about hair and wood glue.

@amcewen @aproposnix sorry, not ranting at you, more myself :) The iOS GPS doesn't just go wonky at times, it'll fully just cut out for a period. I suspect it also has a bit to do with power saving - my phone's getting on a bit, so is often in the bottom half of the battery when I go for a run.

@amcewen @aproposnix urgh, yes. I need to do that. I started trying to move it to Apple's new UI framework and got stuck, but I'm also not happy with the GPS tracking still - I think that the raw phone data isn't reliable so I assume Strava et al have ways to compensate and I just don't have the resources to make it reliable.

I guess it's that line between where does releasing things bring help and when are you just publishing shit and adding to the noise?

A week in the shop: struggling with some very impressionable wood, fixing up an old mongrel guitar, and a tweak to my workbench.

Is there an easy way to host a git repository on a static site? So you'd end up with a page like you would it github or gitlab, but it'd be generated like you would with Hugo?

A brief week in the shop: making and executing my workshop todo list, laser-cutting some pick-guards, and woes in power-tool purchasing.

A week out the shop: Levelling up my Fusion 360 skills a bit as I tweak the current guitar design, and fighting CAD workflows as I move things between tools to do some laser cutting.

In yesterday's session, while Bernadette built her bench map, I built a map of bike parking in Liverpool (and beyond). The map is live at

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A week (kinda) in the shop: unnamed prototype guitar is moving forward as I find my way around the new workshop, and I order some cigar boxes to try for size.

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