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Let's fight for privacy together!

Hi! I'm Sara, and I'm looking for fulltime work doing Computer Stuff. If you're looking for someone to help with break/fix IT, Linux, or SaaS management, I'm your gal!

A week in the shop: a mix of pushing towards my deadline for Liverpool Makefest, and re-evaluating some of my assumed truths about guitar building.

The flight routes around the airport south of us changed recently, and we now regularly hear a plane decelerating overhead as it turns in for approach.

We looked it up on flight radar, and it turns out they're all from Romania, so now my partner and I look up and say "Buna ziua!" (Romania for "hello!") to the sky when we hear it :)

#Safari discussion on Hacker News:

OP: Safari's buggy and lags behind on web standards.

Response: Maybe you shouldn't be using all the newest features that Safari doesn't support in your app, Safari only supports features that make sense.

#Linux discussion on Hacker News:

OP: NVidia has a buggy support of Wayland in their Linux driver.

Response: Maybe you shouldn't be using Linux then.

Me: logs off to preserve sanity.

@wim_v12e @WizardOfDocs I think that having that context somewhere might help? I filled it in as a I trust you based on rep, and I'm an student. But I was reluctant to forward it to parties I thought were interesting as there's very little context on why you're collecting the data beyond "we may publish stuff"

People can't work all the time. We can't put everything we do towards The Greater Good without burning out.

Escapism isn't a bad thing, especially if it's used to tell stories about ways the world could be better.

Making silly things is good. Making things poorly is good. Rewarding experimentation is good.

I have more to say on this topic, but it'll have to wait until I'm not editing a film.

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A week in the shop: pondering what I want to communicate at Liverpool Makefest; getting Älgens fretboard ready for fretting; and I award myself a B for my first binding effort.

@virtualwolf those are awesome. Love the snow bases and the orange on white theme

Trying out my Chroma Cameras pinhole camera for the first time - also first time for pinhole and first time for medium format film - it'll all be fine, right?

I feel like Alan Cumming doesn't get enough credit for his role in Goldeneye

no other actor I've seen has quite captured the triumphant feeling of *finally* convincing a computer to do the thing

Found this neat trick for formatting code for slides if you're on a mac, using "highlight" which is in homebrew.

Select the code you want in your slide, copy it to the clipboard and then:

pbpaste | highlight -O rtf --syntax=py -s dusk | pbcopy

Now you can paste your code with syntax highlighting.

Writing a presentation for the first time since... I forget. Seeing if I can remember how to communicate ideas.

Completed Mass Effect 1 again (in prep to finally play the rest of the series) and I’d forgotten how good the ending is, both in terms of story and gameplay.

Really is a nice little sci-fi story in that game - not high lit, but up there with good TV/film plots. A lot of changing what you thought you knew as it unfolds, assuming you take the time to explore.

A week in the shop: my Älgen build finally starts to become a guitar in my eyes, fun with 3D prints, and so so much sanding.

Why do cafes hide their opening hours on the "contact us" page? Why isn't it right there on the front page as one of the most useful bits of information about them?

Hmmm. Xcode and iPhone have fallen out, and refuse to launch my app. Do I reboot the Mac or the iPhone first?

@wjt What was it like? Did they still buy merch from Think Geek? Did they still hail the prophet Cmdr Taco? Did they tell you when the year of LotD would befall us?

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