My colleague is going to be DMing a D&D campaign for some of us! This'll be my first experience of playing D&D!

So far the plan is a half-orc monk who was raised in a monastery where his Orcish rage didn't mesh well with monkish discipline. Upon reaching adulthood the monks are cast out to return when they are judged to have a lifetime of experiences. For that reason all his teachers would have been very unrelatable old men.

He's probably very glad to be out of there, and very sheltered from the world!

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Just finished my first D&D session! It was great fun - basically we'd all turned up to a feast, had a great time and woke up tied in a prison. Escaped the cell and accidentally released and killed some rather bloodthirsty other prisoners. We didn't quite finish making it out, but I'm looking forward to next time.

I really enjoyed having my monk character going round hitting people with a stick! It's the simple pleasures.

I designed my half-orc monk in Heroforge, then printed and painted him!

Pretty happy with the character creation and the paint. The skin isn't quite the grey-green I was aiming for, but I can have a go at redoing it another time!


@gbrnt I forgot to say, after this sat in my mind for a little while, I finally got around to trying out heroforge, and it's totally awesome!

I let me make an STL of a robot with a monocle - what is there not to like about this :D

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@mdales Nice, glad you're enjoying it! Only downside is you have to pay every time you want an STL file, instead of some one-time fee. Luckily I don't do it very often so it's fine.

Yeah, it doesn't scale to 40k army in terms of every mini having a unique pose, but I think if you had a few that you repeated frequently then it's not the end of the world.

I don't actively play any more, but it warms my heart to see that it exists, as if I was active in tabletop right now I'd be so far down the rabbit hole :D

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