Whilst the sun is out, treating the bike to a spin. It’s a bike that is definitely happier when the weather is warm.

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@mdales I knew you had a bike but didn't know it was an electric one! What model is it? What do you think of it?

@gbrnt It's a Brammo Empulse R, which I got back in 2014. Brammo no longer exist, alas.

I love it - it's not perfect, but I still have yet to ride an EV motorbike that feels as much fun to me as this one. I've alwasy been into V-twins, and this feels like a V-twin 650, but doesn't vibrate like a tractor - feels really composed when lent over.

Downsides are mainly range (75 miles chill, 50 spirited), weight distrbution and clunky gearbox. But it's enough fun that I happily accept it's flaws :)

@mdales That's awesome! I've never ridden an electric bike but I feel like the lack of engine vibration would feel really futuristic.

How's the battery doing after nearly a decade?

@gbrnt the lack of vibration really brings home how unsmooth my old Buell and older Ducati were :D

The battery is actually doing okay. I had to take it off the road for a couple of years to save money, and I was worried when I got it going again, but it seems to be holding well.

The battery is just a lot (a real lot) of old cell packs, so I'm hopeful that when it does go I can just go to some EV custom shop and have them hack me a replacement.

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