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Twitter reminds me that I signed up 15 years ago today. Thanks for all the profound banality

When I tell clinicians that I work on digital in the NHS, they're usually very forthright about the usability of the basic patient record systems they have at work. If 30+ clinicians from every acute trust in England complete this survey, it'll be the start of an evidence base to pinpoint real problems and do something about them

If we qualify the nature of demand, in the context of people's lives, then we can start to find ways to meet it sustainably

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When we meet people in their everyday lives, we find they mostly have other priorities apart from seeking increasing amounts of professional care. Only when demand goes unaddressed does it appear to be infinite

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Reflection: We must take care with assertions that healthcare demand is infinite. Demand may be dynamic, unmet, or unevenly distributed. None of those mean that human needs are without limits

Allegedly cursed, the house survived an attempted demolition by dynamite in the 1950s, and was eventually taken down by hand

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Please apply by 21 November. Happy to set up an informal chat if you think this opportunity might be for you but would like to know more

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Head of product is a new role for these teams, so we're offering an initial 12-month fixed term. It could also be a secondment opportunity for someone already working as a product leader elsewhere in the NHS

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The head of product will operate across all of these to ensure the focus remains clearly on what matters to our users and stakeholders, solving real problems for the UEC system as a whole

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The digital UEC portfolio contains work at all stages of the product
lifecycle, including vital live services such as 111 online, the NHS Pathways clinical decision support system, and the Directory of Services for UEC

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Happy weekend, product people!
I'm looking for an experienced head of product to work with NHSX/NHS Digital colleagues and me in urgent and emergency care

Impressive work here from the NHS.UK team to make multimedia content accessible, founded on a user-centred design process that includes disabled users throughout

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If this isn’t tempting for a product person with an interest in health and data, I really don’t know what would be…
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Come and work with us as a PRODUCT MANAGER in a team making open source tools for NHS data analysis. You heard right: we are in a university, but we are also a reasonably mature digital team, we know that product managers exist (gasp) we know what they do and we want a great one!…

Still-fresh quote by Andrew Feenberg, from a book I was reading 5 years ago today: “Politics, as the art of preserving the possibility of choices”

Career progression inside our organisations is so important if we're to attract and retain digital talent to government and the NHS. Great post from the Digital People blog on supporting Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) professionals to progress

"[Domain I have spent my entire career exploring] is uniquely complex.
[Simplistic summary of another domain] just goes to prove that my sector has nothing to learn from them."

Having several times been part of teams that have that level of trust and autonomy, I'm spoiled for life from putting up with work environments that are mired in contracts, boundaries, and positional hierarchy

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Check the timstamps, I submitted the PR on train wifi at 19:54 BST; James merged to master at 20:04 BST.
Build projects around motivated individuals... something something... trust them to get the job done.

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