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Even better, NHSX is seeking patient advisors to hold us to account and help us to do it right

People in national NHS roles can be scared of public engagement, because we don't always know how to do it well, and we fear that it may derail our existing plans. The guide is intended to help teams overcome that

With input from patients, representatives and NHSX/NHS Digital colleagues, we've been exploring what good likes when it comes to patient and public involvement in digital services

Slow, rainy, Monday morning bus ride to work immeasurably brightened by the wise words of Anne and Mike

There's more!
As well as our UCD graduate scheme, NHS Digital offers grad traineeships in software development, data science, and product & delivery management

This is the link to click for NHS Digital user-centred design graduate traineeships based in London

... have (or are studying towards) a minimum 2:1 undergraduate or a master’s degree

... enjoy collaborating with others in a multidisciplinary team to work to deliver shared goals

... want to make a difference to health and care services and the people that use them

... are passionate about putting people at the centre of how we design and develop services

Apply now for 2-year traineeships starting in September 2020. This is for people who...

It's a great time to start a user-centred design career here. We're committed to making all our services design and user-led, and to growing the design, content, and user research talent that the NHS needs for the future

This is as much about services that affect staff as it is for patients

This means specifically-designed activities to involve people, and gauging acceptance on a recurrent basis

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