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Agree with everything in this brilliant post. Premature convergence on a platform that isn't has caused waste, delay, and dissatisfaction in every large organisation I've worked for

Oh look, 12 years ago today, was the first drinks event. That led to more formal Thinks events, and the same crew hosting and in the city. I'm lucky to still know and work with many of them today

Not including health tech where my, er, friend might have a conflict of interest

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Just supposing someone wanted to invest in companies that stand out in their sector because they tick Q.22, box b "employ or obtain product or service design skills" in the UK Innovation Survey, where should they look?

There's also a crucial role for UCD to work ahead of the sprint, supporting product management with the vision and strategy - but if there's no design inside the sprint, your UCD professionals are probably too overstretched to take that broader view

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I agree with Tim: teams should contain all the skills necessary to create value. If your organisation values outcomes over output, you'll embed inside the team, not running a sprint ahead to feed the feature factory

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It's on Friday.🥳

Session pitches have started to percolate in my brain! 🧠

It's so frustrating to watch organisations overpay for unusable systems, because they under-estimate what it takes to make something work well for users in context, and over-estimate what's hard to do in code

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This is an important step for the , and a massive opportunity for 7 experienced professionals. No one better than Pete to be leading the charge

In lieu of , I present my reflections after 5 years doing digital and user-centred design in the national organisations

✅ Hire professionals
with people who have lived experience
✅ "Good Design Comes Before Effective Science"

In local pharmacy, unlocked my phone for tap to pay, and it started playing the Huw Edwards "little bit of croissant" incident on a loop

When applying, please speak to us about how we might be able to accommodate a flexible working arrangement. If it works for the service, we will do our best to make it work for you

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I'd be pleased to have an informal chat about the role if you're tempted to apply but would like to know more

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We're seeking someone...
experienced in meeting user needs across a variety of channels...
who can apply experience of multiple parts of the digital product life cycle...
and develop a long-term vision and objectives for a service

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