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It's the anniversary of my most pedantic pull request: putting 1 extra pixel onto the original Government Service Standard

Catherine Dale: Trust comes from the small things. Vaccination programmes where the admin was well managed had greater patient trust in the vaccines themselves

Leicester Hospitals CIO Andy Carruthers explaining how he has seen the benefits of prioritising usability/co-design and treating the EPR as a digital product, not just a programme

"If the right people are sitting together at the table in a dedicated cross-functional team they can achieve amazing things" Dr Tim Ferris

Caught a picture of this winged menace just a few seconds before it flew off with the teaspoon

This morning I dropped off my car for a service in Holbeck and cycled back across Leeds, almost all the way on segregated cycle lanes - this is proper infrastructure, not just some paint on the road shared with buses

And how wonderful to be in the actual same room as my boss for the first time since I started this job nearly 6 months ago :)

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Going live should flatten decision-making structures, and transform passive users into active co-creators. The ways we measure and account for success will be different. But the potential payoffs are huge

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In the service lifecycle, Live is when real digital transformation begins. It marks a radically different way of managing everyday work, and a new culture of continuous discovery

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5 years on, I find myself working with some fantastic live services, with so much potential for continuous discovery and innovation

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Today, after months of remote working, I finally introduced my corporate laptop to its natural habitat. It felt so at home it immediately began a 90-minute Windows update

Find someone who cares about you the way these people care about a 3.5mm audio cable

Another day that could have been us

When you're struggling through the bog, how do you tell if there's a car park and well-made path just around the corner?

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Turns out she and her family had slopped their way across an estuary at low tide and were now dreading the swim back, thinking that was the only access to the beach

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"How did you get here?" she asked

We shrugged. "We parked at the car park and followed the path," we replied, "Why?"

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