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Select a few paragraphs and set them to plain text? Nope.

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Saturday morning noodling with 2 kinds of learning loop in healthcare and how they are part of a single system

This week in user research, I've heard first hand from parents who recently took their children to an emergency department, from a 111 call handler, and from a service commissioner

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Thanks to digital urgent and emergency care colleagues in NHSX and NHS Digital for responding rapidly to my request to observe user research this week. It's great to see how users are involved throughout design and development

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Who writes DPIAs (Data Privacy Impact Assessment) in your organisations, in particular around technology change?

Is it the developers? The product managers? or is it people from the wider organisation who are sponsoring the new functionality / capabilities?

If you work in health and care (or any of the other 70-80% of the UK economy giving service, not making products) then this service design apprenticeship consultation is for you

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The proposal to develop an apprenticeship standard has been put together with input from some of the UK's most expert service designers, working in a range of sectors [PDF link] instituteforapprenticeships.or

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Every day patients and staff feel the impact of services that were never consciously designed following user-centred methods. It's time to professionalise , and this apprenticeship standard could make an important contribution

Lovely to see the NHS Design Principles get a mention, along with ISO 9241-210, the international standard in Human-centred Design for Interactive Systems

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Lots of good stuff in this report on realising the potential of learning health systems, including the important role of participatory co-design

"far too ready, even after investigations that clearly included the express discovery of bugs in code, to ascribe possible user error to the effect of bugs, errors and defects"

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User error bias - “a tendency or bias regularly to blame the user of an IT system for something"

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Bank holiday evening in with the highly readable and instructive Technical Appendix to Post Office Group Litigation Judgment (No.6) “Horizon Issues”

Never been a football fan, but delighted to make a second visit to Elland Road today

In all 3 scenarios, I reckon we're better off for having put a product into the world. But what am I missing?

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